Israel-Gaza War, Hostages

Chilling: Arnon Zmora's last letter to his troops

After falling in battle to save the four hostages, Arnon Zmora's letter to his soldiers last Memorial Day was made public this morning.

Arnon Zmora ob"m. (Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson)

Chief Inspector Arnon Zmora ob"m, who fell Saturday night during the operation to rescue four hostages in the heart of the Gaza Strip, wrote a chilling letter to his forces last Memorial Day, which has now been published by Haaretz reporter Josh Breiner.

"Memorial Day is always complex and difficult, but today it is particularly difficult. The memory of friends is still sharp and clear and their deeds still echo and make waves. Every day more and more details are revealed of that cursed Shabbat and what we had to deal with. This day clarified to me even more just how lucky I am that I had the privilege and still have the privilege to serve with you, special, moral people with amazing capabilities and most importantly good people."

Arnon wrote to them that the state faces enormous challenges: "The state faces enormous challenges and the unit is at the front. Those who had images and thoughts about the unit's necessity understands and requires it today in every operation. It is we who will stand there and be required to show the peak of professionalism and clarity.

"We are the ones who will stand there and provide the operational solution. We are approaching a moral action, the most moral there is. The unit stood at the decision points and I want you to know that I wouldn't ask for anyone else by my side but you.

"Celebrate independence, 76 years. You are the ones who enabled and enable it. It is you and your families who sacrifice for the public. Celebrate! I want you to know how proud I am of you and how much I love you."

Arnon delivered the message to a group of his soldiers' spouses, saying: "This is what I sent the team. I also want to tell you, we would not even succeed in tying our shoes without you. You are the ones who sacrifice, you are the ones who solve the problems, and you are the ones who support us when we fall. I love you, too."


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Israel-Gaza War

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