Israel at war, Lebanon

All quiet on the northern front?

An eerie silence covers north Israel as, for the first time since the onset of the conflict, Hezbollah has not fired at Israel for nearly three days.

Hezbollah Militants (photo: mohammad kassir/shutterstock)

According to Mako, a tense quiet prevails in the Galilee settlements, which remained untouched by fire for nearly three days following Shavuot and the weekend, during which Lebanon launched heavy volleys.

Today, Biden's envoy will arrive in Israel with a focus on a significant American effort to prevent a full-scale war breaking out in the north with Hezbollah. IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari remarked, "Hezbollah's actions are pushing us to the edge, jeopardizing Lebanon's future."

Since October 7, when hostilities erupted in the south and north, Hezbollah has continuously fired on Galilee settlements. Yet this morning (Tuesday), an unusual calm persisted on the northern front, a silence that Israelis are not used to as of late.

The reason for the halt in firing rockets remains unknown; it may perhaps be related to the Eid al-Adha Muslim holiday. The last instance of Hezbollah firing missiles into Israel was on Saturday morning.

According to N12 News, Global apprehension grows over a potential war with Hezbollah. Yet silence has remained meanwhile the Northern Command prepares for a major offensive in Lebanon. In return Hezbollah has threatened to escalate hostilities: "If Israel escalates, we will adjust our plan."

Another possible reason for the lull is not only the Muslim holiday but also the arrival of Amos Hochstein, President Biden's envoy to the Middle East, who is actively engaged in efforts to broker a settlement between Israel and Lebanon. Hochstein's arrival in Israel today is part of broader American diplomatic efforts to prevent an extensive escalation against Hezbollah.

The IDF, particularly the Northern Command, recognizes the need for military action against Hezbollah. Israel's main goal is that the evacuated residents of the Galilee can return to their homes with no threat to their safety, but this is not possible without Hezbollah receiving a significant blow and being pushed back from the border.

In the United States and globally, there is concern that last week's escalation could lead to a widescale war, especially following Hezbollah's unprecedented shelling of Galilee settlements during Shavuot. The escalation came after IDF forces successfully neutralised multiple high ranking officials of Hezbollah, weakening their forces.


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