Hezbollah, Northern Israel, Metula

Is Hezbollah pushing us into WW3?!

For how long will Israel tolerate Hezbollah's escalating attacks?

A fire that started from missiles launched from Lebanon to Metula, June 18, 2024. (Photo by Ayal Margolin/Flash90)

Two members of Metula's stand-by security squad were injured last night (Sunday) by an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon. The missile struck while the men were assisting a family to retrieve belongings from their home, which had been hit by a Hezbollah rocket attack the previous day. One of the injured men remains in serious but stable condition, while the other suffered lighter injuries.

Israeli soldiers seen outside the Ziv Medical center in Tzfat, after evacuating a wounded man, June 23, 2024. (Photo by Ayal Margolin/Flash90)

As reported by Ynet, Hezbollah quickly claimed responsibility for the attack. Shortly thereafter, Hezbollah's Al Manar network reported Israeli strikes on several southern Lebanese villages, including Kila, al-Khyam, and Al-Azia. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed retaliatory strikes on Hezbollah military structures and observation posts in the region.

This latest incident is part of an alarming pattern of escalation. Hezbollah also launched a swarm of drones towards Metula yesterday in retaliation for an Israeli strike north of Lebanon’s Tyre the day before. An IDF soldier was seriously injured by shrapnel during the interception of one of these drones.

The increasing violence has prompted warnings from top U.S. military officials about the risk of a broader war. Air Force Gen. CQ Brown, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, cautioned that an Israeli offensive into Lebanon could provoke an Iranian response in defense of Hezbollah, potentially putting U.S. forces in the region at risk. Brown emphasized that Iran, which supports both Hezbollah and Hamas, would likely increase its backing for Hezbollah if it felt the group was under significant threat.

As tensions mount, diplomatic efforts to deescalate the situation continue. U.S. President Joe Biden's senior adviser, Amos Hochstein, met with officials in Lebanon and Israel last week, emphasizing the urgency of finding a diplomatic solution to prevent a larger war. Despite these efforts, the situation remains volatile, with the potential for further violence and broader regional implications.

David Azoulay, head of the Metula Council, condemned the attacks and called for stronger action from the Israeli government. "This is simply a criminal shooting by Hezbollah at civilians ... The State of Israel – and the government of Israel – continues to remain silent. In my eyes, this is very serious, and I hope that we will leave here on a new path, and that someone will finally understand that it happened."

The residents of Metula and the surrounding areas remain on high alert, bracing for what may come next. For now, their hopes lie in a resolution that can bring peace and security to a region long plagued by conflict, although this is looking increasingly unlikely.


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