"Reject Refugees"

Jordan and Egypt Stand Back: "Reject any Reception of Refugees"

The King of Jordan and the President of Egypt met in Cairo for a political summit, where they continued to state that they will not accept any Palestinian refugees from Gaza or the Judea and Samaria region.

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Jordan's King Abdullah and Egypt's President el-Sisi held a political summit in Cairo between the two countries, at the end of the meeting the two issued a statement that they "reject any attempt to 'cancel' the Palestinian situation, and oppose any effort to deport Palestinians from Gaza and the Judea and Samaria area and bring about their absorption in Jordan and Egypt."

Even more than 80 days since Hamas and the Arabs of Gaza started a war on Israel when they carried out the October 7th massacre, and also after the destruction of large parts of the Strip by the counter strike of the State of Israel in the Strip.

Egypt and Jordan continue to refuse to accept Palestinian refugees into the territory of their countries, as the countries have done in other conflicts, with an emphasis on Jordan, which took in millions of refugees during the Syrian civil war.

The two leaders met earlier today (Wednesday) for a political summit, in which they reiterated their refusal to accept refugees into their territory, despite the situation of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and its severity, to their perception. After their resolute refusal they announced that "the international community must take steps to alleviate the tragic situation in the Gaza Strip and help the suffering of the Palestinians."

The leaders of the two countries persisted in their refusal to provide any aid or refuge to the residents of Gaza and stated that "this is the obligation of the international community" and continued their call to push for a comprehensive ceasefire and to respect the "decisions of the UN Council."

The uncompromising position of the Jordanians and Egyptians has been standing since the beginning of the war, despite their claim of concern for the suffering of the innocent Palestinians, which can be eliminated in an instant with their absorption in the neighboring countries. It must be remembered that both Abdullah and el-Sisi see the Palestinians as a factor undermining their regime.

Abdullah's father started a civil war in the Black September against the Palestinian groups in Jordanian territory, and el-Sisi sees the Palestinians, especially those who live in the Gaza Strip, as an arm connected to the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood, and allies of Mohamed Morsi, who preceded him in office.

Beyond that, the Jordanians and Egyptians also see the Palestinians as useful tools against Israel on a political level, especially when they are seen as a moderating figure and as sponsors, Abdullah - the Palestinians in the Judea and Samaria region and el-Sisi - the Palestinians in Gaza.


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