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Report: Sudan rejects Iranian request to establish naval base

Iran asked Sudan to allow it to build a permanent naval base on the shores of the Red Sea in the country's territory - which would have allowed it to threaten trade routes in the Suez Canal. 

Naval base in Sudan (Photo: Shutterstock)

Sudan was asked to allow Tehran to build a permanent naval base on the shores of the Red Sea in the country's territory - which would have given it a hold on a strategic area overlooking maritime traffic in the Suez Canal to and from Israel. This was reported today (Sunday) in the "Wall Street Journal."

According to the report, based on the words of a senior Sudanese intelligence official, Iran offered to supply Khartoum with a helicopter carrier in exchange for approval of the establishment of the naval base. The offer came after in recent months Iran supplied the Sudanese army with unmanned aerial vehicles, which assist the army in the war against the rebels that began about a year ago.

Ahmed Hassan Mohammed, an intelligence adviser to Sudan's military leader, claimed that "the Iranians said they wanted to use the base to gather intelligence. They also wanted to station warships there." In this way, Iran could tighten its grip on the trade routes in the Red Sea, alongside Houthi attacks on ships in the region.

However, Sudan rejected the Iranian offer in order to avoid harsh reactions from the US and Israel. The spokesman for the Iranian delegation to the United Nations in New York refused to respond to the Sudanese official's statement.


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Germany, Israel, Anti-Semitism, Iran extremism

With Israeli assistance: Germany takes step against Iran

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Houthis to escalate attacks on Israel, according to Hezbollah report

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Avigdor Lieberman, Iran Threat

Lieberman warns: "Iran is conducting a major exercise in Syria" 

The chairman of Yisrael Beitenu warns that Israel's enemies are biding their time until Teheran can protect them with its nuclear umbrella.

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Warning: Hezbollah Growing Stronger; Israel's Survival in Danger

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Iran, World Power, global threat

Iran: "We are moving towards becoming a Global power"

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Hezbollah attack, Rockets, North Israel war

Hezbollah boasts: We launched Katyusha rockets towards Moshav Tzuriel

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