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French prime minister slams far left: "Shame on you!" 

The Prime Minister of France, Gabriel Attal,  gave another pro-Israel speech, attacking the leader of the extreme left in the country who expresses his support for Hamas.

Gabriel Attal (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Prime Minister of France, Gabriel Attal, who's Jewish, once again gave a pro-Israel speech, telling the country's left-wing to be ashamed of their support for Hamas and failing to condemn the October 7th massacre.

He began by asking: “How can we say that Israeli society is overreacting to the horrors committed by Hamas terrorists who 'shouted drunkenly with happiness ‘Death to the Jews' and called their families to boast of their crimes?"

Attal attacked the party and its leader, Jean-Luc Melenchon, for “never having a word for the victims of October 7.”

"It is difficult for me to hear the preaching of morality to a people who suffered such horror that reached their hearts and flesh. I say this in the honor of the families and in the honor of the victims. I have found myself ashamed lately.

"Ashamed to hear the same people even in the National Assembly, finding excuses and put the tragedy out of 'proportion.'

"I’m ashamed when I hear certain elected representatives from [left-wing party] La France Insoumise speak of [Hamas as] a resistance movement."

"Ashamed to see the leader of the extreme left party encouraging hatred, making the most outrageous insinuations.

"Yes, he should be ashamed that he never had a word for the victims of the October 7th massacre, shame!

"It's a shame that we always avoid the tragedy of October 7th, a shame to blow on the coals of the past. We've seen where that leads us."

Attal said that antisemites were trying to disguise their hate as anti-Zionism but that it was “no longer a call for a ceasefire when protesters denied Israel the right to exist.

“It is no longer a call for peace when we hold our Jewish fellow citizens responsible for the situation in Gaza,” he pointed out.

And finally he stated that he is doing everything to reach peace: "Under the authority of the President of the Republic together with my government we are fighting for peace in the region, we are fighting tirelessly to prevent escalation but I say to the representative of the extreme left party: peace has never come through hatred."


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Israel-Gaza War, Antisemitism, France

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Israel-Gaza War, United States

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US-Israel Relations, Lindsey Graham

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US-Israel Relations, Israel-Gaza War

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US-Israel Relations, Independence Day

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Turkey, Hamas

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Lindsey Graham

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Israel-Gaza War

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