Children Stung by Scorpions

Caution: 3 children were stung by scorpions in the Galilee

3 children were brought to the Galilee Medical Center after being stung by black scorpions. The children were kept under observation and were released to their homes after receiving medical treatment

Illustration (Photo: Shutterstock)

In recent days, three children, residents of the Western Galilee, were brought to the Galilee Medical Center after being stung by scorpions – all of them were stung by black scorpions.

According to the statement from the medical center, last night (Wednesday), an 11-year-old child from the village of Hosen was brought in after being stung on his leg while spending time outside his home. Furthermore, earlier this week on Monday, an 8-year-old child from Jadeide-Makher was independently brought in after being stung on his hands by two black scorpions. His parents recounted that he was playing in the backyard when he suddenly felt pain.

In another case, an 11-year-old girl from Kibbutz Eilon was brought in after being stung on her leg while she was at home. All three children received treatment in the pediatric section, where they were kept under observation for a few hours before being released to their homes. As mentioned, all the stings were from black scorpions, which are quite common in Israel and their stings are usually not fatal or particularly severe.

"With the warming weather, we are seeing more and more children requiring treatment after encountering dangerous animals, primarily snakebites or scorpion stings," said Dr. Itamar Munchak, Director of the Pediatric Triage Unit. "After a bite or sting, it's important to calm the affected person, cool the bite or sting area, and avoid taking any hasty actions to 'extract' the venom. Instead, it's crucial to quickly reach a nearby medical center to receive appropriate treatment."

Dr. Munchak added that scorpions seek refuge in crevices and under rocks and tree bark. "It's recommended to go on outings wearing long pants and closed-toe shoes, and not to put your hands in cracks in rocks or overturn stones," emphasized the Director of the Pediatric Triage Unit. "If you spot a scorpion, maintain a safe distance from it and don't try to be a hero, play with it, or attempt to catch or lift it."


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