Smotrich Criticizes Eichler

Smotrich attacks: his views do not represent the ultra-orthodox public

Minister Bezalel Smotrich published a video in response to Knesset member Yisrael Eichler's words against the Zionist movement: "You have to be blind and ungrateful to not see the miracle"

(Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The chairman of religious Zionism, Minister Bezalel Smotrich, responds to the words of Knesset member Yisrael Eichler, against Zionism.

In a response video he posted, Smotrich said, "The message before the New Year is that there's no need to criticize others in order to believe in your own path. I have no interest in arguing with Member of Knesset Eichler about ideological matters. My perspective, as is well known, regarding Zionism and the State of Israel, the beginning of our redemption, is different from his by 180 degrees. The Zionist enterprise is the most just and moral project over the past hundreds of years from a historical and international perspective."

Samotrich continued to say, "The return of the Jewish people to their land after being forcibly exiled from it is the everlasting answer to the persecutions our people endured during the long and terrible years of exile, and a significant stage in the redemption of Israel."

(Smotrich replies to Yisrael Eichler)

The Minister of Finance added, "The privilege we have in these generations to gather in and establish a Jewish state, to have a strong and powerful defense force that protects the existence of the Jewish people, to have Torah study flourishing, to grow and show kindness in all areas - all of these leave no doubt about the miracle called the State of Israel. One would have to be blind and ungrateful not to see this."

"The false idealization of the exile and the strange yearning for it is akin to saying, 'We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost.' It is a distortion of history and a turning away from the great abundance that, with God's help, we have achieved here in the Land of Israel and in the State of Israel, and primarily, it is a severe detriment to the entire Jewish people."

"The vulgar and inappropriate words of MK Eichler do not represent the absolute majority of the ultra-Orthodox public, which, even if it has differences of perspective, unequivocally distances itself from offensiveness and derogatory behavior. They love the IDF soldiers and appreciate them, feeling like a part of the State of Israel and Israeli society. In the spirit of the days of repentance during the month of Elul, I call on MK Eichler to reconsider his words and apologize."


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Israeli-Gaza, France, Macron

Macron proposes a solution - Gallant attacks: We will not sit with the French

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant attacked the French initiative to establish a tripartite committee with the Americans in order to resolve the tensions with Hezbollah. 

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Israel-Gaza War, Hostages

Fauda style: The undercover elite unit lived near Noa Argamani for 19 days 

The heroic rescue of the four hostages last Saturday was preceded by a complex intelligence operation in which the elite unit rented an apartment next to the house where Noa was held.

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Alarming: 68% success rate in intercepting UAVs from Lebanon

During the last 72 hours, the IDF's defense systems and fighter jets intercepted 11 out of 16 drones launched by Hezbollah.

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The American hostage rescue operation that almost came to pass

The Washington Post recently reported on a planned US operation to rescue American hostages held in Gaza.

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The next uproar? The government to discuss an increase in the length of  reservist military service

Minister of Defense Yoav Galant's proposal to prolong reserve service for soldiers and officers to be reviewed. 

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Where is the Bibas family? 

Gantz suggests that Israel knows the fate of the Bibas family, but that it will be publicly acknowledged later on.

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Israel-Gaza War, Hamas, Hostages

Hamas admits that it has no idea how many hostages are still alive

Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamadan says that Hamas itself doesn't know the fate of the hostages still in Gaza.

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Israel strikes southern Lebanon as fighting intensifies 

The IDF attacked in southern Lebanon in response to Hezbollah's recent rocket barrage.

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Not all heroes wear capes: The extraordinary heroism of Rami Davidian

Farmer Rami Davidian's unyielding bravery: How one man's heroic actions saved hundreds during the October 7 Hamas attack.

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Israeli singer Hanan Ben Ari urges charedim to enlist

Hanan Ben Ari issues a heartfelt plea for unity and enlistment amid national crisis.

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New poll shows Reform overtaking Tories as second largest UK party

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Houthis strike ship with two cruise missiles, causing damage and seriously wounding sailor

Aircraft from the cruiser USS Philippine Sea evacuated the sailor for further medical treatment. 

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