Michaeli Criticized Netanyahu

Merav Michaeli: "What he did to Rabin, he is doing to the protesters"

Michaeli criticized Netanyahu following his remarks against the protesters: "Netanyahu built his entire political career on incitement and bloodshed - he did it to Rabin, and he is doing it now to the protesters in Kaplan"

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The leader of the Labor Party, Knesset member Merav Michaeli, criticizes Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu following his statements that "the protesters against me in the United States are linked to the PLO, to Iran, and are tarnishing Israel's reputation in the world."

According to Michaeli: "Netanyahu built his entire political career on incitement and bloodshed - he did it to Rabin, and he is doing it now to the protesters in Kaplan."

"It's time to stop being horrified by the lies and destruction that this man sows and demonstrate with all our might to send him home. As quickly as possible," said Michaeli.

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In the opposition, they criticized Netanyahu's remarks after he accused the protesters of taking action against Israel. In response to questions from reporters as he boarded the plane on his way to the United States, Netanyahu said, "The protesters against me in the United States are linked to the PLO, to Iran, and are tarnishing Israel's reputation in the world."

In response, the leader of the Machane HaMamlachti, Benny Gantz, says: "Netanyahu's attack, while blaming the protesters in the United States as collaborators with our enemies, is severe and deserving of condemnation. Even if one disagrees with their methods, they are patriots who love their country. The immense damage that Netanyahu has caused to Israeli society through his leadership cannot be fixed by a thousand fiery speeches at the UN. It is time to stop the political upheaval and restore order to the government, instead of blaming the protesters."

The one who chooses a less stately language is the chairman of the Yisrael Beitenu party, MK Avigdor Lieberman, who lashed out as usual: "Mr. Prime Minister, once again you lie. The protesters in Israel and around the world are protesting against you and in favor of the State of Israel.

"Whoever is a friend of Iran and the PLO is none other than you, you yourself Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, you are the one who is dismantling Israeli society from the inside, you are the one who manipulates the best of our sons and daughters and you are the one who proves to all of us every day that you only act in accordance with your personal interests, even if it means that the country will burn down."

Opposition leader Yair Lapid added and said, "There is no one who has damaged our reputation in the world more than Netanyahu in recent months. There is nothing that helps the Iranians more than the political upheaval of his government. His accusations against the patriots of the protest are further evidence of a severe distortion in his judgment and his reading of reality."


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