Protest Within The Likud

Protest within the Likud: "Peace without ceding territories"

Before the meeting with Biden, a line of Likud members in a letter to Netanyahu: "We congratulate the Prime Minister on his journey that we all hope will bring normalization and peace with Saudi Arabia, without giving up homeland territories."

Netanyahu (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni, flash90.)

A series of Knesset members in the Likud faction addressed a public letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu demanding that he not agree to concessions to the Palestinians, in exchange for peace with Saudi Arabia

The letter is signed by, among others, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, Yuli Edelstein, and MK Danny Danon, who are considered opposites to Netanyahu and have not been given ministerial positions in the current government.

"These days we mark the 30th anniversary of the disaster of the Blood Pact - the Oslo Accords. Israeli society as a whole understands today, what you and we, the people of the national camp, have understood for a long time, that concessions to the terrorist authority, including the strengthening of its military power, bring terrorism. The Arab world also understands this."

"Strengthening the path of peace through strength"

"You are being strengthened by presenting a firm position to the President of the United States and world leaders, that the State of Israel stands by its rights in its affairs regardless of efforts to bring peace with Arab countries, neither in the context of the war on terror nor in the context of preventing and enforcing illegal Palestinian construction. Strengthening the national path as you have been good at expressing in the past: "Peace for peace and 'peace from strength'. Under this doctrine Israel is not required to withdraw from any territory, and the two countries together reap the fruits of full, open and open peace." (16.08.2020)".

The letter is also signed by Tally Gotliv, Dan Illouz, Nissim Vaturi, Moshe Saada, Eti Atiya, Moshe Passal, Ariel Kallner, Keti Shitrit, Osher Shekalim and Sasson Guetta.


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