The historic peace may bring an end to Netanyahu's rule

Binyamin Netanyahu took a huge step this week to promote his political vision against Saudi Arabia, but it is possible that what may be the most significant achievement in his career, is the one that will lead to the end of his rule

Netanyahu & bin Salman (Photo: Shutterstock, Flash90.)

This week something happened in the history of the Middle East: the possibility of getting closer to the end of the Israeli-Arab conflict seems more tangible than ever, and for the first time the parties are talking openly and without fear about the possibility of an agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

What began with the opening statements of the meeting between Netanyahu and Biden, intensified after the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, clarified in an interview in English that he turned to normalization with the State of Israel - something that in the not so distant past was considered almost imaginary.

Yes, this was the week of Benjamin Netanyahu who returned to his home turf, and in his favorite language, after a long period of trouble at home.

After a number of political meetings with significant leaders from around the world such as Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, and South Korea, there is no doubt that the first meeting in this term with the President of the United States Joe Biden was the most important.

Unfortunately for the leaders of the protest against the right-wing camp, President Biden received Prime Minister Netanyahu in a warm and friendly manner, including a public promise of another summit at the White House.

Netanyahu & Biden (Photo: Avi Ohion, GPO.)

On the agenda is the most significant event that the Middle East has known in recent decades, and it meets the two leaders when they are suffering from severe political problems at home and an urgent need to improve their image.

This catches Biden as he enters an election year and must make a real achievement in his policy in the Middle East, especially in light of the strengthening of the axis of China and Russia together with Iran, therefore he has a limited window of opportunity, to reap the fruits of peace and restore his power.

But when you look at the situation for Netanyahu, the matter is even more complicated. Although reaching a peace agreement is complex, Netanyahu's challenge is almost impossible, when you look at his coalition composition.

Will Netanyahu be able to go all the way?

The Prime Minister's room for maneuver is almost non-existent, when his senior partners are Smotrich and Ben-Gvir, who will not be willing to move a millimeter from their ideological line, certainly not when they always have elections on the horizon (and sooner or later they will).

Ben-Gvir, Netanyahu and Smotrich. (Photos: Flash90)

Netanyahu will have to neutralize this threat within the coalition - which also exists among many members of the Likud faction - and although he may be building on the back of the opposition, it is not at all clear what Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz will do.

A historic peace agreement with Saudi Arabia may be the pinnacle of Binyamin Netanyahu's political and political career, and he will do everything so that in the days of old - it will be signed in his name.

There is no doubt that in order to achieve this, he will have to give up both the continuation of the legal reform and the realization of the vision of the national camp for the development of Judea and Samaria and the pursuit of sovereignty.

Government meeting (Photo: Sraya Diamant)

Although the extent of the price vis-a-vis the Palestinians is not yet clear (and it also seems that the Saudis are not necessarily asking for too much), with a coalition that is based only on right-wing parties, any concession may be considered a "red line" that will collapse the coalition.

Will Netanyahu be able to go all the way, when the right is blowing ideological blows at him and the left is criticizing him regarding the Saudi nuclear issue? It's too early to tell.

When the polls are not favorable to the right-wing camp, Smotrich and Ben-Gvir will have to think carefully about whether to topple the current government and bring about elections, after which a left-wing government will most likely emerge.

Paradoxically, it turns out that the realization of Binyamin Netanyahu's great political dream is the one that will lead to the end of his term, this time perhaps definitively.

After the fragrance of abroad and the stardust of a successful political campaign in the United States, the prime minister will have to return to the complex reality within the government and the Knesset, and from there it will be much more difficult to see Riyadh on the horizon.


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