1000 Murdered in the Massacre

The number of those murdered in the massacre rose to 1000; About 2,900 injured

The Ministry of Health is reporting that there are 535 injured individuals hospitalized, including 1 in critical condition, 105 in serious condition, 262 in moderate condition, and 167 in mild condition. Earlier, foreign journalists were invited to witness the results of the massacre

(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

The number of casualties in the murderous attack carried out by Hamas has risen to 1,000 killed, with more than 2,900 injured individuals evacuated to hospitals.

Additionally, the Ministry of Health reports that there are 535 patients hospitalized in hospitals, including 1 in critical condition, 105 in serious condition, 262 in moderate condition, and 167 with minor injuries. So far, 2,901 injured individuals have been admitted to hospitals, including 26 in critical condition, 340 in serious condition, 547 in moderate condition, 1,523 with minor injuries, 117 with anxiety, and 234 under medical assessment.

Earlier, foreign media correspondents were invited by the IDF spokesperson to witness the dimensions of horror in the settlements and kibbutzim near the Gaza border. The images that were published made waves in the country.

A large number of foreign journalists were invited to witness the aftermath of the terror organizations' attacks in Gaza on the settlements and the civilians in communities around the strip. The images exposed to them deeply shocked and made waves in the international media.

The reports describe babies whose heads were cut off, whole families shot to death together, parents, children and toddlers.

The I24 reporter reports from the area and describes: "This is pure terror, a massacre like no other, cruelty without limits, baby cribs full of blood, Israeli bodies scattered in the area, mangled bodies were found in the area, the Israeli army is moving us away from homes that Hamas has captured, at least 70 Gazan terrorists have infiltrated this settlement (Kfar Gaza), they murdered with guns, grenades, knives. They slaughtered innocent people without restraint."


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Israel-Gaza War, Palestinian State

Cabinet set to sanction PA and states which recently recognized Palestinian state

Informed sources say the cabinet is set to vote on a number of sanctions against the Palestinian Authority and states which recently decided to recognize a State of Palestine.

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Report: IDF inquiry reveals anti-tank missile killed soldiers in Rafah APV

According to the inquiry, the rocket, which targeted an APV of combat engineers, detonated mines and explosives, dooming the passengers.

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Ynet: Senior Israeli source says Hamas response on truce "absolutely negative"

A source speaking to Ynet said that as far as Israel was concerned, either Hamas agrees to the Biden parameters as written, or there is no deal.

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IDF meets with local leaders from border regions

IDF Rear Command commander Maj.-Gen. Rafi Milo met with leaders of local communities in the border regions to discuss efforts to protect cooperate with them.

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Chief of Staff Halevi: We're encouraging Haredi enlistment

Halevi spoke to soldiers of how "every battalion" formed from Haredi recruits helps relieve thousands of reservists from defensive duties.

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Putin hosting Hamas and Hezbollah representatives during war

Putin's connection to terrorist organisations causes tensions in its relationship to Israel, amid attempts to keep a "neutral, unbiased relationship."

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Surviving the flames: A family's harrowing battle against Hamas terrorists

The story of a miraculous recovery for the incredible Hogeg family.

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Bibas family member attacks Gantz's statement

A cousin of Shiri Bibas, harshly attacked MK Benny Gantz, stating "no one has the right to speak on behalf of the family."

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Army Radio: Gallant not informed of IDF decision on humanitarian pause

According to Army Radio reporter Doron Kadosh, Defense Minister was not informed and did not approve of the decision to announce an 11-hour tactical pause to ensure the flow humanitarian aid in the southern Gaza Strip.

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Two tank reservists killed and two seriously wounded in battle in Gaza City

Captain (res.) Eitan Koplowitz, 28 years old, and Sergeant Major (res.) Ilon Weiss, 49 years old, were killed in battle Saturday night in northern Gaza.

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Haniyeh claims Hamas flexible on deal, will not budge on core demands

In a speech given for Eid al-Adha, Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh said that his organization's views align with Biden's as approved by the Security Council.

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IDF Spokesperson: IDF not stopping Rafah and Khan Yunis operations

The IDF made this statement following claims it was declaring daily pauses to operations to allow the movement of aid to civilians.

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