Terror attack, Injured IDF soldiers, Hermesh
Terror Attack in Hermesh: The Injured are IDF Soldiers on vacation

Two IDF soldiers on leave were lightly and moderately injured as a result of an explosion of an explosive device near the community of Hermesh. Two additional civilians were injured lightly. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 18.07.24

IDF, Israeli-Gaza War, Reservists Wounded

BREAKING: Two reservists seriously injured by an explosive device in Gaza

They were in the Alexandroni Brigade. 

Avi Nachmani | 10.07.24

IDF, Israel-Gaza War

Awful: Number of IDF soldiers injured since 1948 tops 70,000 for the first time 

Record number of disabled IDF soldiers treated amid growing mental health crisis.

Gila Isaacson | 18.06.24

Rescuing the Wounded

Watch: This is how Unit 669 Rescues the Wounded Day and Night

The IDF spokesman reveals: This is how the 669 wounded rescue formation works: maneuvering in depth, activity with IDF units and helicopter preparation in the heart of the Gaza Strip and fighting. View a spectacular gallery.

| JFeed Staff | 04.01.24

Israel - Gaza War

IDF Release to Publication the Name of Fallen Fighter in Gaza

The IDF allows the publication that Major (Ret.) Joseph Avner Doran, 26 years old from Jerusalem, was killed in battle in the northern Gaza Strip. He fought as part of the Operational Mobility Unit and served as a designated collection fighter in the Shayetet 13.

JFeed Staff | 17.12.23

Israel - Gaza War

Publication Permitted: Name of Another IDF Fallen Soldier in Gaza Released

It was allowed to be published that Sergeant Eran Aloni, 19 years old, from Ofakim, a fighter in the 51st Battalion in the Golani Brigade, was killed last night in a battle in the northern Gaza Strip. This brought to nine the number of casualties in last night's heavy fighting in Shuja'iyya.

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 13.12.23

Israel At War

"I'm out of bullets": The Soldier Recreates the Inferno

Sergeant Shalom Shetrit, a fighter in Golani's 13th Battalion, told about the battle in which he was mortally wounded on October 7: "I lost a lot of blood, I started saying goodbye to my family" | Breathtaking interview.

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 12.12.23

1000 Murdered in the Massacre

The number of those murdered in the massacre rose to 1000; About 2,900 injured

The Ministry of Health is reporting that there are 535 injured individuals hospitalized, including 1 in critical condition, 105 in serious condition, 262 in moderate condition, and 167 in mild condition. Earlier, foreign journalists were invited to witness the results of the massacre

JFeed | 10.10.23

At Least 900 Casualties 

Unfathomable: the number of those killed in the war rose to 900

Three days after the start of the war in the south, the number of casualties stands at at least 900 people. It is also reported that 2,616 individuals have been injured since the beginning of the war, including 382 in serious and critical condition

JFeed | 09.10.23

Air Force: Over 180 Sorties

Air Force: over 180 sorties to evacuate over 180 wounded

The Air Force conducted aerial sorties while scanning the area, locating the wounded, and rescuing them under enemy fire. Helicopters transported rescue forces to the settlements in the Gaza envelope

JFeed | 08.10.23

The Death Toll:  Over 500 People

The battles in the south: at least 500 dead and over 2000 wounded

The Ministry of Health has updated that there are 2,048 hospitalized patients, including 20 in critical condition and 330 in serious condition. The death toll in the war has risen to over 500 people

JFeed | 08.10.23

Update on the Condition of the Victim

"Treatment in the operating room to save the limbs": updating the condition of the victim of the attack

Dr. Aker from Soroka Hospital updating the condition of the victim of the attack on Har Hevron: "The gunshot wounds caused open fractures in the limbs and severe bleeding. The initial treatment was performed in the operating room"

JFeed | 21.08.23