Bereaved Kindergarten Children

Sivan Rahav-Meir: From today there are also bereaved kindergarten children

They called her "Bat Sheva" because her parents waited seven years until she was born. She herself also waited years for her own children, and then she brought into her and her husband Eli's home two foster daughters

(Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Preschool teacher. A word that says so much, a word that brings warmth to the heart automatically. So contrasted to words like "attack" and "murder," words we want to shield preschool children from.

The preschool teacher Bat-Sheva Nagari from the community of Beit Hagai was tragically killed yesterday in a terror attack, in front of her daughter. Just as there are grieving parents and siblings, there are also grieving preschool children who won't begin the school year with their teacher.

And she, indeed, fell while on her duty. As it is known, preschool teachers have no summer vacation these days. Bat-Sheva was on her way to prepare the preschool for the first day.

And once again, we received a reminder of how many incredible hidden figures live among us. In the eulogies that were carried yesterday at night, a figure full of challenges, full of joy emerged: they called her Bat-Sheva, for her parents waited seven years until she was born. She herself also waited years for her own children, and then brought two foster daughters into her and her husband Eli's home.

She was a warm and radiant kindergarten teacher, as you can see in this lovely picture. Parents wanted their child to be placed in her kindergarten. Children maintained contact with her for years afterwards. "You shall be wholehearted with the Lord your God," they quoted the verse from the Torah portion we read on Saturday. Wholeness is perfection.

One can only think about what is happening in the Palestinian education system, what they teach in their kindergartens, while Bat-Sheva taught values and proper conduct.

The crowd recited the Psalm "Eshet Chayil" (Woman of Valor) at her funeral yesterday, line after line. Her children rose and praised her, her husband extolled her, and hundreds upon hundreds of children did the same.

In her memory. May it be the divine will that her soul will positively influence the start of the school year for all of us.


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