The Massacre In Basmat Tab'un

How do I know that the massacre at Basmat Tab'un is of no interest to any minister in the government?

How do I know that the massacre in Basmat Tab'un, in which 5 family members were murdered by assassins, is of no interest to any of the government ministers? Because they didn't even issue the clichéd messages procedure of updating the situation

MDA and Police forces at the scene (Photo: Yair Amar)

How do I know that the massacre in Basmat Tivon, in which 5 family members were murdered by assassins, just hours after a professional assassination in Haifa, is of no interest to any of the government ministers? Because they didn't even use the clichéd messages procedure.

Minutes after publicity of a terror attack, the Prime Minister's Office or the Defense Minister's Office issues a message stating that Netanyahu or Gallant are constantly updating the details of the attack, will conduct a situation assessment in the coming hours, and have ordered reinforcements to the area. This is how it looks:

"Netanyahu is being updated on the details of the attack"

This is a hollow message that has nothing in it, it is clear to everyone that even if Netanyahu puts the phone outside the bureau and does not see the push messages from the news websites, an advisor or assistant slips him a note with the details of the event. We saw such an update live, when, former Chief of Staff Kochavi received a note in the middle of the state memorial for Rabin:

So why does the bureau issue such a notice? So that the military or political reporters, who do not have much information in the first minutes of the event, can push the name of the minister or the prime minister, in a positive security context of apparent control over the situation, and management of the event.

After two incidents of murder today in Haifa - which was carried out in an assassination like in the movies and the massacre in Basmat Tivon which appeared to be a retaliatory action by the competing organization - two incidents that claimed the lives of six people from the Arab sector, the Prime Minister did not even bother to issue this empty message. This is the 188th person murdered since the beginning of the year, and even Google, which celebrates its 25th anniversary today, is having trouble finding such a message updating the details of the murder - as is customary on nationalist attacks.

The failure to deal with crime in the Arab sector is a fait accompli. But even the cheapest spin in the book, even that the government ministers don't bother to put out.


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