Palestinian Violence

Stop Asking Why

Does it make any sense to look for good reasoning to actions of violence towards babies? The time for expecting to find morality in Palestinian terrorist organizations is definitely up.

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Palestinian terrorism isn't new. Neither are the reasons given to explain the terrorism.

We have all heard the poor explanations that state that Palestinians are aggressive because they want their land. Because they have no army. Because they live in poor conditions. Because they are responding to aggressiveness shown towards them by the Israelis. Because they are being dominated by the Israeli army. And on and on.

If these reasons seem to make sense to you, maybe you have some sort of assumption that people are generally reasonable and have sound sense behind their actions.

Does it make any sense to look for good reasoning to actions of violence towards babies? Is there a logical explanation behind the violent breaching of a border, infiltrating communities of peaceful people and massacring anyone that happens to be there? Raping, burning, murdering…?

The time for expecting to find morality in Palestinian terrorist organizations is definitely up. The "why" behind their actions is simple. They are brutally killing Israelis because they are barbaric, violent, bloodthirsty people who are happy to die under the condition that Jews will die with them. They are full of hatred and cruelty. There are so many of these terrorists that it seems to be the Palestinian norm.

It is embarrassing to call these people "humans". The only reason I can do so is not because they have morality and ethics in them. But because I insist on continuing to have faith that if there is human form, so the creature is human. I know that continuing to keep faith is not for them, as their humanity is long gone. I keep faith for myself – so I don’t heaven forbid become an animal-like human myself in a territory full of bloodshed.


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Over two months after the start of the 'Swords of Iron' war, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering changing its name. Here are the possible names.

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"What needs to be done will be done": The Last Message of the Fallen Battalion Commander

The IDF spokesman publishes the last recordings of Lt. Col. Tomer Grinberg, in which he is recorded on two-way radio  - instilling a fighting spirit in his soldiers and describing his feelings just before entering the camp from which he never returned.

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Publication Permitted: Lt. Col. Yitzhak Ben-Bashat Killed in Battle in Shuja'iya

It was allowed to be published that in the difficult incident yesterday in Shejaiya, Col. Yitzhak Ben-Bashat, the former commander of the Yiftah Brigade, was also killed. "Yitzhak fought at the head of the forces and fell as a hero of Israel".

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Israel At War

Hezbollah Announced 100 Dead Since the Start of the War

Hezbollah has announced the death of two more operatives in the terrorist organization, who they claim were killed in IDF strikes in Lebanon. Since the beginning of the war, the terrorist organization has announced that 100 terrorists have been killed, but the IDF estimates that the real death toll is higher.

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DeSantis Criticizes Kamala Harris for Advocating Palestinian Authority Revitalization Amid Ongoing Hostage Crisis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took to Twitter to express his dismay over VP Kamala Harris's recent call for the revitalization of the PA. In the tweet, DeSantis highlighted the timing of Harris's statement, after the brutal terror attack and during the continued captivity of innocent Israeli and American civilians.

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The Ceasefire is Over, The IDF has Returned to Attack in Gaza

The IDF spokesman announced the renewal of the war in the Gaza Strip, due to the violation of the cease-fire agreement by Hamas.

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Israel - Gaza War

The Cabinet Secretary: "Any news about a hostage release deal that leads to the end of the war or a prolonged ceasefire = fake news" 

Yossi Fuchs tweeted today and referred to reports of a general ceasefire in exchange for the return of all the hostages held captive in the Gaza Strip, and wrote that these are fake news.

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Israel At War

Chief of Staff: "The IDF is ready today to continue fighting"

Herzi Halevi commented on the continuation of the fighting in the south and the north: "Together we will ensure that the residents of the north return to a different, better and more stable security reality".

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The Warnings About The Massacre

"Completely Imaginary": This is How the Command Responded to the Warning About the Massacre

The dimensions of the omission that preceded the massacre continue to be revealed. It is now known that Sergeant Major V., who warned about it, even stated about a month before the massacre that precisely now, in the marking of the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, one must be doubly careful.

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Conditions Of Captivity

The Freed Hostages Reveal the Conditions of Captivity

New details are being published today about the conditions of the hostages being held captive by the Hamas. The families say that their loved ones did not sleep on beds but on chairs, they were fed pita bread and cucumbers for one meal a day and are trying to get used to sunlight again. Psychologists warn against the long-term side effects.

Yehudit Lazarovitch, JFeed Staff | 27.11.23