Palestinian Violence

Stop Asking Why

Does it make any sense to look for good reasoning to actions of violence towards babies? The time for expecting to find morality in Palestinian terrorist organizations is definitely up.

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Palestinian terrorism isn't new. Neither are the reasons given to explain the terrorism.

We have all heard the poor explanations that state that Palestinians are aggressive because they want their land. Because they have no army. Because they live in poor conditions. Because they are responding to aggressiveness shown towards them by the Israelis. Because they are being dominated by the Israeli army. And on and on.

If these reasons seem to make sense to you, maybe you have some sort of assumption that people are generally reasonable and have sound sense behind their actions.

Does it make any sense to look for good reasoning to actions of violence towards babies? Is there a logical explanation behind the violent breaching of a border, infiltrating communities of peaceful people and massacring anyone that happens to be there? Raping, burning, murdering…?

The time for expecting to find morality in Palestinian terrorist organizations is definitely up. The "why" behind their actions is simple. They are brutally killing Israelis because they are barbaric, violent, bloodthirsty people who are happy to die under the condition that Jews will die with them. They are full of hatred and cruelty. There are so many of these terrorists that it seems to be the Palestinian norm.

It is embarrassing to call these people "humans". The only reason I can do so is not because they have morality and ethics in them. But because I insist on continuing to have faith that if there is human form, so the creature is human. I know that continuing to keep faith is not for them, as their humanity is long gone. I keep faith for myself – so I don’t heaven forbid become an animal-like human myself in a territory full of bloodshed.


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