Dolgopyat Selling His Medal

For the Gaza Strip Envelope: World Champion Sells His Medal

Olympic champion Artem Dolgopyat is selling the gold medal he won, and will transfer the money to aid for the Gaza Strip envelope settlements: "What is being a world champion worth if my country is hurting? For me, the State of Israel is in the first place."

(Photo: Gali Lahav)

While Israel faced the surprise attack by Hamas on that Black Sabbath on October 7, Olympic champion Artem Dolgopyat was present at the World Gymnastics Championship in the floor exercise held at that time in Antwerp, and even won the gold medal. Now, Dolgopyat has decided to sell the medal, and that all its proceeds will be transferred to aid for the Gaza Strip envelope settlements.

When the news about the attack did not stop coming and shaking the soul, Dolgopyat said that he insisted on getting on the winners' podium with the Israeli flag and black ribbons on it and dedicated the historic achievement to the State of Israel and the people of the Gaza Strip envelope. Since then, Dolgopyat has pondered a lot about how he could significantly help the Gaza Strip envelope and decided to put the prestigious medal of sentimental value up for auction, which will take place on 7.1, and the starting amount for the purchase of the medal is $100,000.

"I say goodbye to the medal without pain but with a lot of emotion" says Artem Dolgopyat "It is a precious medal. A medal that was all my dreams, a medal that is the peak of my ambitions after the Olympic medal. But today I know that there is something even more important than that, I know that above all, Israeli society is important. I won't lie, it's not easy for me, but I feel that through the auction of the medal, I will be able to truly give to the country that has given me so much."


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