Arrow 3

Eilat, Arrow 3 Missile Interception
IDF: Surface-to-surface missile from Yemen intercepted 

Following the siren that sounded this morning in Eilat, the IDF announced that the Arrow 3 system successfully intercepted the missile; no injuries reported. 

Avi Nachmani, JFeed Staff | 21.07.24

Iran Attack

Gallant at Arrow 3 battery: "We have a chance to form a strategic alliance against this serious threat from Iran"

Gallant also said that "the United States, Israel, and its allies stand shoulder to shoulder to defend against this threat."

Avi Woolf | 14.04.24

Israel-Gaza War, Germany

German State Secretary of Defense meets Israeli counterpart to discuss war, Arrow 3 deal

Benedikt Zimmer visited Israel as a guest of Defense Ministry Director-General Eyal Zamir, where they discussed matters of interest to both nations.

Avi Woolf | 11.04.24

Israel, Iran, Houthis, Arrow Missile Defense

Israel releases footage of Arrow system firing to stop projectile fired from Houthi territory

This morning, Israel's anti-ballistic missile system intercepted the seventh attempted projectile launch from Houthi-held Yemen towards Israel. Watch the now-released footage:

Avi Woolf | 22.02.24

Israel-Gaza War, Houthis, Eilat

Sirens Heard in Eilat; Arrow System Intercepts Missile

Sirens were heard in Eilat, as the Arrow defense system intercepted a missile fired towards the city. Magen David Adom said no reports of hits or casualties have been received.

JFeed Staff | 06.12.23

'Arrow 3'

The Sale of the 'Arrow 3' System to Germany has been Completed

Two months after Defense Minister Yoav Gallant went to Germany for the historic sale of the 'Arrow 3' system to Germany, the historic sale deal was completed.

Simcha Raz, JFeed Staff | 23.11.23

Photo Of The Day

Photo of the day: Documenting the departure of an interceptor of an arrow missile

Defense Ministry cameras recorded the operational launch of an arrow missile from the south of the country. The launch was carried out by the Air Force's air defense fighters against rockets fired by the Houthis from Yemen. 

JFeed | 13.11.23

The Sale of "Arrow 3"

Ahead of the sale of "Arrow 3": Gallant visited Germany

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant embarked on an official visit to Germany, where he will meet with the German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius and participate in the signing ceremony of a document to promote the sale of the "Arrow 3" system

JFeed | 26.09.23

Netanyahu Meets Scholz

Netanyahu to the Chancellor of Germany: "We cannot accept Iran's steps"

PM Binyamin Netanyahu met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the two discussed the strengthening of relations between the two countries, and at the head of it was an agreement for the supply of the 'Arrow 3' air defense system. Netanyahu also expressed his displeasure at the removal of the inspectors in Iran

JFeed | 19.09.23

Arrow 3 Will be Sold to Germany

Huge Deal: The US approved - Arrow 3 will be sold to Germany

The United States approved the mega deal, and Israel will sell the Arrow system to Germany for a price of 14 billion shekels, the largest security transaction since the founding of the state

JFeed | 17.08.23