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After Biden's retirement: Harris in her first statement at the White House

A day after the announcement of the retirement of U.S. President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris issued her first statement at the White House, stating that "Biden's legacy and achievements over the past 3 years are unprecedented in modern history."

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 22.07.24

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Biden's retirement: another danger for Israel in the political arena

The President of the United States Joe Biden is retiring from the presidential race, the big question on the minds of all Israelis is of course, how does this affect us? It could have a huge impact.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 21.07.24

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Biden quits 2024 presidential race, endorses Harris for White House

Joe Biden has endorsed Kamala Harris for the Democratic nomination after withdrawing from his re-election bid against Donald Trump – live updates.

Eliana Fleming | 21.07.24

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Axios: Top Democrats believe Biden is approaching a decision to bow out

This assessment is based not only on the heavy pressure being put to bear on the elderly President to drop his bid for reelection but also his increasing openness to listen to the possibility.

Avi Woolf | 18.07.24

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AP-NORC poll: Most Democrats want Biden to step down for reelection

About half of Black Democrats want Biden to stay in the race, compared to just 3 in 10 White and Hispanic Democrats.

Avi Woolf | 17.07.24
Democrats in Israel rebuild after anti-Semitism controversy with Democrats Abroad

Republican and Democrat groups in Israel aim to register 500,000 American voters for absentee ballots.

Avi Nachmani | 16.07.24

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"I don't know who's making decisions": Multiple Democratic lawmakers increasingly frustrated with Biden

Axios reports that multiple Democratic lawmakers are increasingly anxious about losing not just the White House but also both Houses of Congress due to the President's debate and post-debate conduct.

Avi Woolf | 03.07.24

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Concerning: A new report on Biden's health may leave Democrats even more worried

Amid questioning of Biden's ability to run for President following his disappointing performance at the debate the other night, a new report has come to light that may cause added panic to the situation.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 30.06.24

US-Israel Relations

Democrats against Netanyahu: "Don't allow him to speak at the party conference"

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is trying to embarrass Netanyahu once again, refusing the Prime Minister's request to speak at the party's Conference of Senators.

JFeed Staff | 21.03.24

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Congress passes bill calling for Palestinian state, accidentally lists two Jewish Democrats as backers 

Congress signed a resolution calling for a Palestinian State and "recognizing the two-state solution as the only solution that will secure a lasting peace in the region" but two of the bill's sponsors didn't know they were actually backing the measure till it was published.

gila isaacson, JFeed Staff | 07.03.24

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Prof. Dershowitz blasts Biden: "He doesn't want to lose the Muslim vote" 

The Harvard professor and lawyer Alan Dershowitz harshly attacked President Biden for his conduct during the war in Gaza: "You don't win elections in America by turning against our ally."

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 21.02.24

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Trump and Four Other Guys: The Republican Primaries Begin

The Republican Presidential Primaries are set to begin today. How do they work? Who's in the running? And who's likely to win? All the details inside.

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 15.01.24

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WSJ Poll: Majority of Americans Support Israel's War in Gaza

A recent poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal shows a majority of Americans support Israel's war against Hamas.

Avi Woolf | 11.12.23

Simchat Torah Massacre, US Congress

House Watches "Film of Horrors" On October 7 Massacre

After being shown to journalists, the Knesset, and foreign diplomats, it is now the turn of Members of the US House of Representatives to view the grisly depiction of the Hamas atrocity.

Avi Woolf | 14.11.23