Israel Katz

Israel-Gaza War, Palestinian State
FM Katz begins diplomatic steps against Spain for planning to recognize a Palestinian state

The Spanish consulate in Jerusalem will now only be able to provide services for those in the Jerusalem area, not Judea and Samaria as a whole.

Avi Woolf | 27.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Spain

FM Katz: Spanish consulate now prohibited from servicing Palestinians in Judea and Samaria

The move comes after Spain announced its intent to recognize a Palestinian state, alongside the countries of Norway and Ireland.

Avi Woolf | 24.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

FM Katz: Spanish, Norwegian, and Irish Ambassadors to watch video of Hamas abuses during reprimand

Foreign Minister Katz explained that he would impose this severe measure due to the ambassadors' countries giving a "gold medal" to the Hamas terrorists who committed the recorded acts during October 7.

Avi Woolf | 22.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

FM Katz joins Gallant: No to Israeli rule in Gaza

Taking a stand in the debate between Netanyahu and Gallant regarding the "day after" in Gaza, the Foreign Minister said "I am in favor of handing over responsibility to the world and this is what will happen."

JFeed Staff | 21.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Humanitarian Aid

FM Katz: Key to preventing Gaza humanitarian crisis now in Egypt's hands

Minister Katz said he spoke with the British and German Foreign Ministers on the importance of getting Egypt to open the Rafah crossing to aid on the Egyptian side.

Avi Woolf | 14.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

Mako: FM Katz tells French FM Israel will take over significant buffer zone in southern Lebanon if Hezbollah doesn't retreat

Foreign Minister Katz made this statement during a meeting with the French Foreign Minister, who is visiting the region to try and mediate an end to the border war in the north.

Avi Woolf | 30.04.24

Israel-Gaza War, Humanitarian Aid

Polish FM demands impartial investigation of World Central Kitchen incident from FM Katz

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorksi stressed in his talk with Foreign Minister Katz that "all Poles were shocked by the death" of the seven WCK members, allegedly killed in an Israeli strike.

Avi Woolf | 02.04.24

UNRWA, A Global Ban

Global Ban on UNRWA: Employees Were Involved in the Massacre

After Israel exposed that 12 employees of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees participated in the October 7 massacre, many countries announced the suspension of funding and called for an investigation into the organization's actions in Gaza.

Yehuda Klein, JFeed Staff | 27.01.24


Hungarian Foreign Minister: "The Complaint Against Israel is Absurd"

Foreign Minister Israel Katz spoke with his Hungarian counterpart Péter Szijjártó, who expressed Hungary's strong objection to the complaint against Israel in The Hague: "absurd appeal."

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 09.01.24

Ministries Rotation

Government Confirmed: Israel Katz will Replace Eli Cohen

A year into the government's tenure and the rotation in the ministries is underway. The government has confirmed that Israel Katz will enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in place of Eli Cohen who will replace him in the Ministry of Energy and will receive a place in the political cabinet.

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 31.12.23

Death Penalty

The Cabinet Member Demands: Imposing the Death Penalty on Hamas Terrorists

Minister Israel Katz appealed to the Minister of Justice Levin with a request to apply the Nazi and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law to Hamas terrorists who participated in the attack, thereby imposing the death penalty on them.

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 24.10.23


Non-Generator Electricity Fuel Reserves in the Strip Will Run Out in Hours

The Gaza Public Diplomacy Office explained that two days after Israel declared a complete siege of the Strip, the diesel fuel used to generate electricity will soon run out.

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 11.10.23

Electricity to Gaza Cut Off

Katz signed: Israel cut off electricity to Gaza

Israel's Energy Minister, Israel Katz, has signed an order instructing the electricity company to cease the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip: "What was will no longer be"

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 07.10.23

A surprising survey

Poll: Who is leading in the Likud leadership race after Idan Netanyahu?

"Meluchadim News" magazine asked the party's supporters to rate the Likud members on the question of suitability for the leadership of the party in the post-Netanyahu era, and also to rate the Likud's top ten. These are the results

| Bentzi Rubin | 22.06.23