National Emergency Government

Israel-Gaza War, Polls
New Poll Shows Support for Early Elections - and For A Continued Unity Govt

A new poll by Channel 12 and pollster Mano Geva also shows voters oppose the new draft law by 2:1, with even Netanyahu bloc supporters neatly divided.

Avi Woolf | 11.02.24

Israel-Gaza War, Religious Zionism

Religious Zionism Party Decides to Stay in Government

At the end of an urgent party meeting in the Kiryah in Tel Aviv, the Religious Zionism party announced it would stay as part of the government to "keep watch."

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 29.12.23

Israel-Gaza War

Gaza "Day After" Discussion Cancelled in Cabinet Due to Pressure From the Right

Due to pressure from Smotrich and Ben Gvir, the cabinet discussion of the "day after" in Gaza has been delayed, and may only happen in the expanded cabinet.

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 29.12.23

Israel-Gaza War, Hostages

Families of Hostages to Meet with Cabinet Ministers

After a number of delays, cabinet ministers headed by the Prime Minister will update families on efforts to bring their loved ones home this afternoon.

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 05.12.23


Deri Does Not Rule Out Liberman Joining the Government

The ice seems to have broken between the Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu party chairmen, who were seen talking and laughing yesterday. Now Deri does not rule out Liberman joining the government.

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 05.12.23

Israel-Gaza War, Captives, War Cabinet

Netanyahu Meets With Some of the Captives' Families; "Not enough room for all"

The war cabinet invited the captives' families to a meeting, but some were reported unable to enter due to lack of room.

JFeed | 20.11.23

Israel-Gaza War, Politics

Liberman: I Expect Netanyahu to Resign; No Need for Elections

The Yisrael Beiteinu party chairman said "Netanyahu's defeatism brought the start of the war."

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 06.11.23

Israel-Gaza War, Israeli Government

NSC Chief Hanegbi: Cabinet Decision - Hamas Will Cease to Exist

Hanegbi made this statement in a press release addressing the war.

JFeed | 31.10.23

Israel-Gaza War

Liberman: Increased Humanitarian Aid Without Red Cross Visits to Captives is Folly

The Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman said this in reference to the cabinet's decision to open another water pipeline into Gaza and introduce more trucks bringing in aid.

Yehuda Klein, JFeed Staff | 29.10.23

Israel-Gaza War

Netanyahu: I Was Wrong to Say What I Said About the Security Establishment

The Prime Minister apologized for his tweet attacking the intelligence agencies.

JFeed | 29.10.23

Israel-Gaza War

Gantz: "I do not free myself of responsibility"

Gantz also said in a statement to the press that the "limited (war) cabinet is functioning well."

| JFeed | 26.10.23

Israel-Gaza War

MK Avi Maoz Diverts His Office's Funds Towards the War Effort

This step by the Deputy Minister comes after days of criticism over money being spent on non-war related issues.

| JFeed | 25.10.23

Israel-Gaza War

Netanyahu's Credibility Collapses: Just 18% of Voters Trust His Government

A new poll reveals 47% of Israelis believe the government has no organized plan for the next stages of the war.

JFeed | 23.10.23

Israel-Gaza War

"You Choose": Ben Gvir's Demand From Netanyahu

After forming the limited cabinet, the minister appealed to Netanyahu: "Add a member who wasn't part of the 'preconception camp.'"

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 23.10.23


Expanding the Government: Ben Gvir to Bibi About Liberman

Ben Gvir: "I and Liberman have many disagreements between us, but I support his introduction as a member into the limited cabinet."

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 15.10.23


Yesh Atid: "This is not an emergency government, this is Bibi's decorating committee."

Army Radio reported a source in Yesh Atid saying "Yair Lapid will not enter the emergency government."

JFeed | 12.10.23


Yesh Atid MKs to Lapid: "Join the Government"

Yesh Atid MKs pressured party chairman Yair Lapid to join the emergency government: "In a time like this, a party like Yesh Atid has a national responsibility to be around the government table."

JFeed | 12.10.23


Netanyahu in Tears: Every Hamas Member is Targeted for Death

Moving towards a unity government, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and MK Benny Gantz spoke to the public. They all expressed great pain over the massacre in the south, praised the fighting spirit and unity in the nation and promised that they would deal Hamas a mortal blow.

JFeed | 12.10.23


Heading to a Unity Government? Netanyahu-Gantz Meeting Begins

5 days after fighting began in the south, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with State Camp party chairman Benny Gantz about forming a joint emergency government.

JFeed | 11.10.23

Emergency Government

Herzog: "I call for the establishment of an emergency government today"

The President of the country, Isaac Herzog, called for the establishment of a national emergency government in the next 24 hours, stating, "To show that we are not fragmented or divided, but moving forward and striving towards future goals as a nation"

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 10.10.23