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Warning: Jailed Nukhba terrorists likely to riot at any moment

Following the Supreme Court decision mandating the transfer of Nukhba terrorists, the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has issued a concerning warning about the potential for extreme incidents within the prison facilities.

Gila Isaacson, JFeed Staff | 22.07.24

Israel Prison Services

Update: Identity of prison guard murdered yesterday confirmed

Death of Israel Prison Service employee in West Bank settlement sparks investigation and security concerns.

| Gila Isaacson | 09.07.24

Restrictions on Hamas Prisoners

With the Approval of the Legal Advisor: These are the Restrictions on Hamas Prisoners

At the end of a discussion, which included the Prison Service commissioner, Minister Ben-Gvir's position was to reduce the living space of the prisoners and, at the same time, to transfer the terrorists to mattresses to make room for the terrorists captured in the communities surrounding Gaza.

JFeed | 12.10.23

Yigal Amir Demands

Again petitioning against the Prison Service: Yigal Amir with a new demand

Yigal Amir applied to the Lod District Court to allow him to study Torah with another inmate. According to the assassin of the Prime Minister, the appeal was submitted after his previous request was denied by the Prison Service

JFeed | 14.09.23

Amiram Ben Uliel's Father Speaks Out

Rabbi Reuven Uliel breaks his silence: "The State of Israel continues to torture our son"

Amiram Ben Uliel's father appeals to the Prime Minister, Ministers and MKs with a request to remove Amiram from isolation and transfer him to a religious wing. "Why wait? For him to lose his sanity and be hospitalized in a closed ward? Will you be able to say that your hands did not spill his blood?"

JFeed | 06.09.23

Vehicles were Set on Fire

The clashes in the prisons: prison service vehicles were set on fire in Be'er Sheva

Four residents of the south were arrested by the police on suspicion of setting fire to vehicles belonging to the prison service in Be'er Sheva. The background is apparently the recent confrontations between prisoners from the criminal organizations and the prison service

JFeed | 05.09.23

Prison Riots Broke Out

Riots in prisons: Prison Service forces broke into the wings

Criminal prisoners began to riot in the Rimonim and Eshel prisons, prompting special forces of the Prison Service to be deployed for the dispersal of the prisoners, using gas

JFeed | 20.08.23