Uman, Rosh Hashanah
In the shadow of the celebration in Uman: a 55-year-old man died after CPR

The 55-year-old collapsed shortly before the holiday in Uman and died after resuscitation efforts. About 1,000 more people needed medical treatment, 250 of them required longer treatment

JFeed | 17.09.23

An Israeli was Injured in Uman

Before Rosh Hashanah: An Israeli was injured in Uman, his condition is serious

An Israeli, 20 years old, was seriously injured in Uman, Ukraine, and was transported by ambulance to receive medical treatment at the local hospital. According to rescue teams, the injured individual is suffering from a head injury

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 14.09.23

"Take Your Words Back"

Akunis against the ultra-orthodox MK: "Defamation; take your words back"

After Knesset Member Israel Eichler's words against the Zionist movement, Minister Ofir Akunis attacks him and calls on him to retract his "slanderous words", as he defined it

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 11.09.23

"God Did Not Always Protect Us"

Netanyahu: "God did not always protect us in Europe"

The Prime Minister to the Israelis who travel to Uman: "Israeli citizens who travel to Ukraine should bear responsibility." Minister Strook also expressed opposition: "Now is a time of danger"

JFeed | 10.09.23

Uman, Rosh Hashanah

Strook against aid to Uman worshippers: 'dangerous ride'

The government approved a budget of 4 million NIS to organize an action plan to assist and ease the conditions of delay at the land border crossings for Israeli travelers to Uman. Minister Orit Stroock voted against it: "It must not be understood that the Israeli government supports such a dangerous journey"

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 10.09.23

Easier Border Crossings

Good news for Uman passengers: easier border crossings

Preliminary agreements with the Ukrainian government on cooperation and assistance at the border crossings for passengers to the Uman. Minister Porush: "The good news thanks to the Prime Minister's activity"

JFeed | 09.09.23

Conversation Between Netanyahu and Zelenskyy

Content of the conversation between Netanyahu and Zelenskyy has been exposed

After the conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Zelenskyy publishes the topics of the conversation between the two and notes that "it is important that Israel supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country"

JFeed | 07.09.23

The War in Ukraine

Before Rosh HaShanah? An expected conversation between Netanyahu and Zelenskyy

Against the backdrop of the crisis surrounding the entry of Israeli worshippers to Uman, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, are expected to hold talks in the coming days. This will be their first conversation since Netanyahu returned to the prime ministership

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 06.09.23

Minister Porush Responds

Minister Porush regarding the Berland affair: "I cared for everyone"

The minister Meir Porush explains his side regarding the allegations that he helped the sexual offender Berland to enter Oman: "I did not personally intervene, and certainly not in the name of the Israeli government, in order to take care of personal interests"

JFeed | 30.08.23

Aid Center Against Porush

The Haredi Aid Center against Porush: "We expect an apology"

After he turned to help the sex offender Eliezer Berland and asked the ambassador of Ukraine to help with his entry, the ultra-Orthodox Center for the Prevention of Sexual Assault demanded that Minister Porush apologize for his actions

JFeed | 29.08.23

Ukraine Threatens: "We Will Ban Entry"

Ukraine warns: "We will consider banning entry to Uman"

Ukraine's ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk commented on cases of deportation of Ukrainian citizens upon entering Israel, and warned that "if the deportation of Ukrainians from Israel does not stop, we will consider banning the entry of Israelis into Uman"

Uriel Be'eri, Srugim News | 20.08.23

Rosh HaShanah in Uman

Amidst the War: Preparations for the New Year in Uman

As part of the preparations for the travel of thousands of Israelis to the Rosh Hashanah prayers in Uman, Minister Meir Porush toured the airport in Kishinev and met with the heads of Ukraine's border system. Due to the war, significant efforts are being made to find convenient entry methods for Israelis

Bentzi Rubin, Srugim News | 08.08.23