A Story for Tu B'Av
"I was at the wedding of my grandparents": A story for Tu B'Av

In honor of Tu B'Av, which falls today (Wednesday), I brought you the special story of my grandparents' wedding. They decided to divorce, lived together, and after about three decades, they decided to remarry

Abir Mor, Srugim News | 02.08.23

Fairy Tale Love Story

Love has no age | The couple who married at the age of 90

Yevgeny and Riva's fairy tale love story: they first met as neighbors in the city of Safed and deepened their acquaintance while working together in the city. Last month, after Yevgeny celebrated his 90th birthday, he proposed to Riva (83) to marry him. The couple got married according to religious and legal customs last month.

Keshet Bergson, Srugim News | 27.07.23