This is what Deterrence Looks Like: The Residents of Huwara Erased the Swastikas

After swastikas were sprayed on a wall in Huwara, residents of Yitzhar came down to tour the place. The Arabs set off an alarm in the mosques and when they realized the reason, they hurried to erase the inscriptions themselves. "Fighting for Life" headquarters: "When the Jewish people show strength - the enemy is quick to fold and run away."

| JFeed | 24.10.23

Buildings in Yitzhar were Demolished

Police forces destroyed two buildings in the settlement of Yitzhar

Large police forces arrived in the settlement of Yitzhar and demolished two buildings and a tent. Another target destroyed by the police is the tourism lookout established in memory of the late Rina Shnerb. Member of Knesset Tali Gottlieb attacked Minister Smotrich, saying, "Stop the disgrace"

JFeed | 04.09.23