Oct. 7 Massacre 
Israeli volunteer took home a "souvenir" from Oct. 7 massacre

A resident of central Israel volunteering for ZAKA in the days following the October 7 attack found a discarded machine gun in Be'eri that belonged to the terrorists and brought it back as a "souvenir."

JFeed Staff | 22.02.24

Simchat Torah Massacre, Hannukah

A Little Bit of Light: The Menorah Found Among the Ruins of Nir Oz

While searching for the bodies of the missing, ZAKA volunteers found a menorah in one of the houses of Kibbutz Nir Oz.

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 07.12.23

Israel-Gaza War, News

"ZAKA Volunteers Make Sure that Every Drop of Blood goes to Burial"

Hundreds of ZAKA volunteers are currently working at the massacre sites to clean up the remains of blood and separate them from the other findings of the murdered. They transfer the clean objects to the unit's warehouse to return them to the families of the murdered.

| JFeed | 04.11.23

Israel-Gaza War

Buckling Under the Strain: ZAKA Spokesperson Evacuated to Hospital

ZAKA Spokesperson Motti Bokchin, who made the horrors of the Simchat Torah Massacre public knowledge, collapsed tonight and taken to the hospital.

JFeed | 24.10.23


11 Days After the Massacre: Women and Child's Body Found in Be'eri

ZAKA volunteers called up by the IDF found the bodies, treated them, and said kaddish for them. Watch:

JFeed | 18.10.23


Israel Police: 732 Civilian Dead Have Been Identified

Over 80% of those civilians killed in the massacre and sent for identification have now been identified.

JFeed | 18.10.23

"They Came to Massacre"

Ezer MiZion activist: "They didn't come to kill us, they came to massacre"

Zeev Freund descended to the Gaza envelope with a ZAKA team in order to collect the casualties in the south, and he shared his difficult experience in an interview: "I saw very difficult and painful things, this is the saddest day of my life"

Yehudit Lazarovitch, JFeed Staff | 09.10.23