The historic peace may bring an end to Netanyahu's rule

Binyamin Netanyahu took a huge step this week to promote his political vision against Saudi Arabia, but it is possible that what may be the most significant achievement in his career, is the one that will lead to the end of his rule

Bentzi Rubin | 22.09.23

Amiram Ben Uliel

Blood plot: In the right-wing, they do not support murder, they just want a fair trial

Although everyone who contributed to the fight to investigate the truth in the Duma case, made it clear that he was strongly opposed to the murder, the left decided to crack a new blood plot - 'the right supports the murder of a family'. And if you are sure that Ben Uliel is the murderer, why are you so afraid of a retrial?

Eliyau Luksenberg | 21.09.23

"I Want to Be a Commander"

The young man from Samaria who completed a special forces training course in a special column

"At the point where I almost reached exhaustion, my team leader approached me and whispered a sentence that filled me with tremendous strength. At that very moment, I decided: I want to be a commander. Specifically, in the navy."

Second Lieutenant Erez Isaacs | 14.09.23

The Central Obstacle

Black September: What is Netanyahu so afraid of?

When significant decisions in the Supreme Court and contacts for peace with Saudi Arabia are on the horizon, Prime Minister Netanyahu may have realized that judicial reform has become the central obstacle of his tenure

Bentzi Rubin | 08.09.23

Salt of the Earth

How did the 'salt of the earth' become a 'cancer of the state'?

The left does not have the wise man to stop the drift and criticize the way of dividing the people and destroying the country in which they are working and towards which they are aiming. The majority of the people believe in the importance of the settlements project and for it, the settlers, not only are not 'the cancer of the state', but the salt of the earth, in whom they believe and to whom they give their hope

Yehudit Ohana | 06.09.23

Complex Considerations

Think carefully before expelling the infiltrators

Pictures of buses crowded with refugees who will be removed from Israel will not lead to sanctifying the name of God in the world. We will be accused by all that we cannot pretend to enlighten humanity if this is how we treat refugees, especially after we ourselves were refugees for many years

Rabbi Daniel Sigron | 03.09.23

Right or 'Other'?

Opinion: The right people and the other people

The group of 'the right people' can be identified in any field in the public sphere. in the economy, in the military, in law, in the media and in academia. They worked hard in securing their place and the place of their relatives and associates in the centers of power and control on the one hand and in building glass ceilings and tight screens at the entrance gates, to prevent the intrusion of the 'other people' into these systems

Yehudit Ohana | 30.08.23

For the Sake of Heaven

Rabbi Haggai Lundin: Hang on a tall tree

True Torah followers conduct their public and private struggles for the sake of heaven. They do not personally hate - not the Arabs, in contrast - not the anarchists and not those who blocked their parking

Rabbi Haggai Lundin | 24.08.23

I Cry Out

The voice of your Arab neighbors' and citizens' blood cries out from the ground

If I have a glimmer of hope, it comes from those citizens who join us, express their pain, and to them I turn, among others - help us reach your leaders, those rabbis who might influence the kippah-wearing officials in the government. Those who read the weekly Torah portion in the synagogue and know - both in Judaism and in Islam - harming a person is harming God. There is no greater transgression than that

Jadir Hani | 23.08.23

Record Number of Torah Learners

A record number of students in yeshivas, pre-military academies, and study halls

180,000 Torah students, both male and female, on a national level, and approximately 30,000 in the world of religious-Zionist Torah studies. The projected growth is between 6% to 10% each year since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic

Rabbi Chagai Londin | 20.08.23

Segregation in Springs

It's a privilege to be religious, but it doesn't allow me to demand anything from others.

In a difficult time of division in the nation and a crisis of trust, it is important to insist that any change in the status quo be done in a balanced manner. I won't demand that others alter their lifestyles and "accommodate" me so that I can fulfill my own commitments

Pasit Siach | 13.08.23

Enough With the Slander!

They trample the settlers and there is no opposition. Enough already!

The latest news once again ridicule a whole community, and everything goes. It is allowed to say that the settlers are lowlife murderers, to say that they are dangerous, that they are animals of prey. We have exhausted this demonization.

Yehudit Lazarovitch | 10.08.23

The Status of Imported Milk

Rabbi Yosef Zaini: Milk produced in Israel is more kosher than imported milk

These days, milk is arriving in Israel, in addition to cheeses from abroad that are widely available in stores. Outside of Israel, there is no supervision over the processing, and there is concern about non-kosher milk. We must always remember that milk and cheeses produced in Israel are of higher quality in terms of kashrut

Rabbi Yosef Zaini | 10.08.23

A Time to Build

It's time to stop crying

It is important to mourn in order to feel the experience of the loss of the First Temple, but it is impossible to continue mourning as before. We are in a generation of correction, of doing, of building. There are two main things that every Jew can do, to complete the circle of history that we are privileged to live in

Daniel Segron | 30.07.23

Tisha B'Av: New Understandings

Opinion Column: Tisha B'Av Has Ceased to Be a Day of Mourning

The traditional mourning on Tisha B'Av is less suitable for our generation, which needs a new language that will transform Tisha B'Av into an opportunity for connection to the past and the future.

Rabbi Yuval Ahali | 25.07.23