IDF, draft law, Haredim
All set: First draft notices will be sent to the ultra-Orthodox next month

Defence Minister Yoav Galant received today (Tuesday) the IDF recommendations and decided that summonses for initial notices will be sent to the ultra-Orthodox community in the near future, starting next month.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 09.07.24

Murder, New Jersey, ultra-Orthodox

Two toddlers allegedly murdered in ultra-Orthodox community, mother arrested

During the night, a very large number of police arrived at the scene. 

Avi Nachmani | 26.06.24

High Court Draft ruling, Attorney General

Attorney General: Enlist 3,000 ultra-Orthodox in IDF immediately

In the wake of the High Court ruling regarding ultra-Orthodox (Haredim), Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara asserts that even more to be enlisted in the future.

Avi Nachmani | 25.06.24


Report: Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox turned down after showing up to enlist in the army

The IDF rejected the requests of hundreds of ultra-Orthodox who asked to enlist in the second phase of the reserve track. 

JFeed Staff | 21.05.24


The documentation that is shocking the internet: "Bullying Haredi children"

Documentation of a number of male protesters preventing the screening of a film intended for ultra-Orthodox women and girls has stirred up controversy on the internet, sparking many angry reactions: "Religious violence"

JFeed | 01.10.23

"I Will Never Do This Again"

The left wing activist regrets: An inappropriate act; very ashamed of myself

After sparking significant anger following a picture he posted on his Twitter account, the left wing activist, Uri Breitman, deleted the tweet, clarified, and issued an apology: "I will never do this again"

JFeed | 07.09.23

Rabbi Shai Piron Expresses Concern

Rabbi Shai Piron warns: the moment when the protest will get out of control

Rabbi Shai Piron expresses concern about the implications of the Conscription Law on Israeli society, stating that if it is indeed enacted, it will create a fracture that will be difficult to mend. He says, "The Prime Minister is obligated to rescue the ultra-Orthodox from their leaders"

JFeed | 17.08.23