Israeli Satellite Successfully Launched

They reached space: an Israeli satellite was successfully launched in India

The Aerospace Industry announced that the Israeli satellite DS-SAR was successfully launched - and entered its orbit in space. The satellite, launched at 04:00 from a launcher at the launch site in India

Satellite launch, archive (Photo: Department of Spokesperson and Public Relations at the Ministry of Defense)

Achievement for Israel: Not every day does an Israeli product reach space, but today (Sunday) in an official announcement issued by Israel Aerospace Industries, it was reported that the DS-SAR satellite was successfully launched and entered its orbit in space. The Israeli satellite, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries, was launched at 04:00 from the PSLV C56 launcher site in India.

The satellite began its mission in space and transmitted initial data to the ground station. According to the original launch plan, the satellite entered its orbit around the Earth, started transmitting data, and underwent a series of preliminary tests conducted by project engineers and designers to verify its functionality and performance.

The Israeli satellite is not the first one in space

Now the satellite will undergo a comprehensive and pre-planned process of tests in its orbit, after which it will be delivered to customers in Singapore, DSTA, and ST Engineering. The DS-SAR satellite was developed based on the experience gained by the Israeli aerospace industry in the development of the advanced observation satellite series "Ofek" and "TECSAR," which have been launched into space since 1988. The SAR system enables the acquisition of a wide range of information in various coverage and resolution modes, both during the day and at night, and under all weather conditions.

This is not the first product of the aerospace industry to reach space, as in the past, the Missile and Space Division of the aerospace industry developed the spacecraft "Beresheet," which had a groundbreaking mission to the moon. Additionally, the division constructed air defense systems, including the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 weapon systems, Barak 8, cruise missiles, and numerous other missile systems. It also developed advanced satellite systems such as reconnaissance satellites, nano-satellites, communication satellites, and among them the national communication satellite "Dror."

A project of the Aerospace Industry won the Israel Defense Prize

As previously mentioned, a joint initiative of the aerospace industry in collaboration with the IDF Intelligence Directorate's Signal Intelligence Unit (8200), the Israeli Air and Space Arm, the Navy, and Rafael Ltd., received the Israel Security Award about two months ago. The project represents an exceptional technological response, achieving a breakthrough operational capability that directly contributes to the qualitative advantage of the IDF and the security of the State of Israel. The project incorporates several innovative technological developments.

Together with it, the classified system of the Spectrum and Cyber Defense Division also won the award. This system, during its development and operational deployment, involved all branches of the IDF, including the C4i Branch, the Israeli Air and Space Force, the Intelligence Directorate, and the Navy. It is a unique cyber defense system that utilizes cutting-edge technologies worldwide.

This initiative is the result of cooperation between the General Security Service (Shin Bet) and Unit 8200 of the IDF Intelligence Directorate, with the goal of developing and implementing a unique technological system that allows for intelligence and security superiority in various sectors. It was created through collaboration between the Israeli intelligence community and Unit 8200 of the IDF Intelligence Directorate, making a significant and unique strategic contribution to the country's security. The project embodies technological innovation and groundbreaking operational capabilities.


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