Huawei's New Technology

In the shadow of the boycott: Huawei announces innovative wireless technology

Huawei is launching a new wireless connection that is faster and stronger than the existing connections, however it is not known if the technology will integrate and enter the West following the American boycott of the company

(Photo: shutterstock/Mircea Moira)

The technology company Huawei announced this week a new and advanced wireless connection called NearLink. According to the company, this connection is intended for short distances, and it was developed by about 300 companies and organizations from around the world.

NearLink technology is a short-range wireless connection, and it combines in its features between Wifi and Bluetooth. The company claims that the rate of data transfer through the connection is 6 times faster than the existing transfer rate in Bluetooth, and at the same time the energy consumption is reduced by 60%. Also, the duration of the connection time has been reduced by 30 times the current time in the existing technologies, and the number of connections associated at the same time will be 10 devices.

The technology is already adapted to a variety of devices such as phones, cars, smart home accessories and more. And in the HarmonyOS operating system that belongs to Huawei and is present in its devices, this feature already exists and facilitates the transfer of files in a short range between the devices that support the new technology.

The challenge: an American boycott of the company

What will make the assimilation of the technology and its entry into the West more difficult is the embargo on the company since 2019, when then US President Donald Trump prohibited American technology companies from cooperating with Huawei. According to the Americans, the company has close ties with the Chinese government and is a security threat to the US.

In response to the boycott, Huawei launched its operating system, HarmonyOS, thereby reducing its dependence on American technologies. The current President Joe Biden also continues to boycott the technology giant, so it will be difficult to know if we will see the entry of the new technology launched by Huawei into the popular devices in the West.


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