A Backpack Based on AI

Microsoft is planning: a backpack based on artificial intelligence

Microsoft has applied for a patent for the design of a backpack based on artificial intelligence, according to the publication on the mspoweruser website the bag will serve as a 'digital assistant' without hand contact and physical use

Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, USA (Credit: Shutterstock)

Technology has invaded our lives, and in recent times, it seems to be doing so at an accelerating pace. With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, many technologies have advanced themselves, and numerous innovations have entered our lives, such as smartphones, refrigerators, air conditioners, VR glasses, and now, smart backpacks. According to a publication on the mspoweruser website, which specializes in technology news, particularly focusing on Microsoft, the major technology company has submitted a request to the US Patent and Trademark Office for the design of an AI-based smart backpack.

Microsoft's smart backpack, which will be powered by artificial intelligence, will be able to detect objects in its surroundings, perform contextual tasks, access information from the cloud, and interact with other devices. The backpack includes a camera, microphone, speaker, network interface, processor, and storage.

The introduction of artificial intelligence into our lives creates new possibilities (illustration, credit: Shutterstock)

Recommendation on directions and keeping dates in the calendar

In its patent application, Microsoft describes all the things this backpack can do in daily life. For example, you can take the backpack skiing and ask if it's possible to ski to your desired location. The backpack will automatically scan the surroundings and tell you if the direction is within the range or not. If you see an advertisement for a lecture related to your interests, you can instruct the backpack to add a reminder to your calendar to participate in that event.

If you're in a supermarket, you can ask the smart backpack about the price of a specific item, whether it's on sale, what its price was a week or two ago, and compare the prices of that item in other stores.

Soon you won't have to compare by yourself (Credit: Shutterstock)

According to the announcement, the backpack will serve as a "digital assistant" without the need for physical contact or interaction. When the backpack receives a command from you, it will automatically sense the environment using various sensors. It will then send the collected data to the AI engine inside the backpack, which interprets the information through speech recognition and natural language processing. Afterward, the AI responds, whether it's answering a query, confirming that a task has been completed, and/or providing further instructions to request additional information from you.

There is still no information about the release date of this upcoming product, but it seems that gradually, many products will transition to more advanced technologies, bringing joy to many while also raising concerns among others about the increased use of personal data.


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