The Sdarot website is back in action but with a huge change

The illegal viewing website returned to activity after a long period on Saturday, and this time in a paid subscription model, which sparked the anger of the surfers against the operators of the popular site

SDAROT website (screenshot) (צילום: SDAROT website (screenshot))

Moving to a paid subscription model. The 'Sdarot' site, popular among pirate watchers, announced yesterday that it has returned to activity, after a long break taken by the site's operators, mainly due to server blocking and a persistent war by the Zira (copyrights on the Internet) organization against them.

Last month, after intense activity by the organization, an indictment was filed against 14 people suspected of being directly involved in the operation and management of the website, The organization even exerted efforts and worked to shut down many of the servers belonging to the website, and as a result, the activity of the website was silenced.

In a tweet posted yesterday by user Eli Cohen, who is associated with the site's owners, it was stated that "most of the content is back and available for viewing now, we have uploaded several hundred terabytes back (there are still a few terabytes missing from recent months). The site has switched to a paid model until further notice and no free ones are expected, Once it is, then we'll let you know. We're still not going back to uploading new content until we manage to overcome some technical problems. There's also a problem with the apps that we're trying to fix."

"Soon there will be another 'Sdarot' site for the Sdarot website"

The reactions from the users were not long in coming, most of them were angry reactions about the step taken by the website operators to make the model viewable for subscribers only. "Your entire segment is free series, for paid series there is already Netflix and Disney Plus," wrote one of the surfers. Another user wrote, "The Sdarot website is asking me for money now and I think someone didn't fully understand the model of pirated viewing."

Another surfer wrote sarcastically: "The Sdarot website is starting to demand payment, which means there will soon be another 'Sdarot' site for the Sdarot website." Others raised the question that it is possible that by the new model of purchasing paid services from a pirated website, they will be complicit in the offense and exposed to a civil lawsuit.


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