Suspected Cyber Attack

Suspected cyber attack on Kfar Shaul hospital

After the hackers carried out a cyberattack on Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital last month, the Ministry of Health is investigating suspicions of a cyberattack on the Kfar Shaul Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital in Jerusalem

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The Ministry of Health and the National Cyber System have announced that there are suspicions of a cyberattack on the Kfar Shaul Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital in Jerusalem. As a result, the hospital's staff had to switch to manual procedures rather than using computer systems.

In the announcement they published, it was stated: "Suspicion of a cyber event at Kfar Shaul Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital. The hospital has switched to manual procedures. The medical teams continue to care for patients alongside an investigation of the event by the cyber team at the Ministry of Health and the National Cyber System."

It should be noted that just last month, Ma'ayanei Hayeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak dealt with a cyberattack that disabled all administrative computer systems. A few hours later, the hospital announced that it had managed to stop the attack. However, it was later revealed that as a result of the attack, personal information of patients had been leaked.


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Cyber Attack On the Ziv Hospital

Cyber ​​Array: Iran and Hezbollah are Responsible for the Attack On the Hospital

The National Cyber ​​System said that the cyber groups of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and Hezbollah were behind the attempted cyber attack on the Ziv Hospital in Safed. The attack was stopped without affecting the function, but some of the information stored in the systems was stolen.

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Suspected Cyber Attack

Suspected Cyber Attack at Ziv Hospital in Safed

An incident suspected of being a cyber attack was detected at the hospital. The hospital reported that the incident was detected and stopped without disruption or impact on the various systems.

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Ministry of Health: 358 Injured are Still Hospitalized

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The Ministry of Health has updated that there are 2,048 hospitalized patients, including 20 in critical condition and 330 in serious condition. The death toll in the war has risen to over 500 people

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Corona Vaccines

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