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Nokia Owner HMD Global Abandoning Name for New, Independent Line of Phones

While still offering Nokia products for sale at its website and via its company, the once-dominant cellphone company may have reached the end of the road, at least regarding phones.

(Photo: Pornpimon Ainkaew/Shutterstock)

HMD Global, owner of the fabled and once-dominant cellphone manufacturing company Nokia, has hinted in a press release that it intends to move "beyond" the Nokia label and its legacy and launch its new independent line of phones, according to Walla and AndroidTech.

Nokia phones are still available for sale on the company's website and will still be repairable during the warranty period, but aside from that, it appears Nokia's time in the cellphone market sun is setting for good.

Even though its cellphones are being phased out, Nokia remains a leader in network technology with thousands of patents, including vital ones for 5G networks.


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