Heavy Hail in Italy

Madness: at the height of summer, heavy hail washes over Italy

Hailstorms, flooding, and landslides, the weather in several European countries is turbulent and causing damage to life and property. In Slovenia, six people lost their lives. In the Venice region, a hailstorm raged, covering an entire area

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The weather has gone crazy: while the southern regions of the Mediterranean basin are experiencing an extreme heatwave, in northern Italy, in the Friuli-Venice-Julia region a hailstorm is raging, causing flooding on roads.

According to reports in The Guardian, Italy is not alone; even in Slovenia, the climate is in turmoil as six people have been killed in the country, including two Dutch citizens who likely died as a result of a lightning strike, and four more Slovenians who were found dead in flooding. This is the largest natural disaster that has struck the country since its independence. In Latvia, there were reports of hailstones in a village located southwest of the capital city, Riga.

Beyond the border, in Austria, a woman was found dead after falling into the Gail River in the Carinthia region in the southeast of the country, where 80 landslides also occurred. In Croatia, roads were flooded and a state of emergency was declared in the country.

As a reminder, last July, Northern India experienced stormy weather with floods, leading to the disconnection with 200 missing Israelis.


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Weather Forecast, Sea of Galilee  

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Weather Warnings

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The Nature and Parks Authority announces this morning the closure of several hiking trails, due to the expected weather in the coming days, and warns travelers against entering streams.

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Weather Alert

Weather Alert: "Life-threatening conditions"

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Due to floods: roadblocks on Route 90

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