A River of Wine

Watch: A river of wine was created in Portugal as a result of an accident in a winery

A workplace accident at a wine storage site resulted in the spillage of two industrial wine containers. The wine flooded the town of Anadia in Portugal and created wine rivers on the city's roads

(Screenshot from the video)

A workplace accident at a wine storage site in Portugal led to the overturning of two industrial wine containers, causing them to spill and flow throughout the city of Anadia, turning the streets into red wine rivers.

The river of wine in the city of Anadia Portugal (from the Twitter network)

The accident occurred at the Levira distillery, a well-known distillery in the region that produces various types of local alcohol. At the distillery's wine storage site, two industrial wine containers, each containing thousands of liters of red wine, overturned.

The wine spilled from the containers and covered the city of Anadia, located in central Portugal. Thousands of liters of red wine flooded the streets and roads of the city, creating streams and rivers of wine in many southern parts of the city.

In the video, you can see red wine flooding the local road near the distillery and continuing to flow towards other areas in the southern part of the city.


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