A Mercedes from Mohammed bin Salman

A boy asked for a Mercedes from Mohammed bin Salman, here's what happened

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Saudi citizens on the way out of a series of meetings when a young boy asked him for a Mercedes car, a day later a surprise was waiting for the boy in front of his home


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was stopped at the exit of an event in the kingdom to converse with Saudi citizens. A young child was photographed with the Crown Prince and asked him for a Mercedes car. The day after, a special delivery arrived at the child's home.

(Documentation: from the social network)

In the viral video on social media, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is seen chatting and taking photos with Saudi citizens at the exit of a series of meetings held in a government office building in the kingdom. During a photo session with a child, the young boy turns to the Crown Prince and in his simple words says, "I want a Mercedes." The Crown Prince smiles and immediately asks, "You want a Mercedes?" When the child responds affirmatively, bin Salman instructs one of his aides to take down the Saudi family's address.

To the family's surprise, a special delivery awaited them at their door in the morning. It was a specially black Mercedes Jeep sent by the Crown Prince to the child's family, who had bravely asked Mohammed bin Salman for exactly what he wanted at that moment.


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