The Sin and Its Punishment: She Took Down an Ad About Abductees and was Cut by a Razor

A woman in the United States documented herself on how she accidentally cut herself with a razor while attempting to remove the ads about captives. Many internet users worldwide criticized her for the act.

Ads for the abductees (Photo: Miriam Alster / Flash90)

Starting late at night (Wednesday), a video is circulating widely on the internet, showing a woman bleeding from her hand after attempting to tear down awareness posters of captives in the United States.

In recent weeks, many videos have been published showing people from around the world tearing down awareness posters of Israeli civilians who were kidnapped to Gaza on the Black Saturday. This phenomenon has gained momentum, and in many countries, condemnation has been expressed against these "poster removers."

The same woman who attempted to tear the poster films her hand bleeding and complains about the incident: "Tell me, who are the real terrorists? Who dared to stick a razor blade on a poster?". The video went viral, and many of the viewers criticized the woman for ripping the posters and then daring to complain.

Simultaneously, a U.S. citizen who owns trucks with billboards on all sides took an interesting and important initiative: his trucks roam the streets of New York and Boston, displaying images of students who have signed strong expressions of support for Hamas and removers of pictures of kidnapped infants. The trucks park near the signatories' homes, circulate on campuses, and cause significant commotion among students who expressed support for Hamas.

Additionally, "Canary Mission," a website that disseminates information about activists against Israel in the U.S., created websites with the names of these students to warn potential employers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, about these terrorist sympathizers. Now, it seems that beyond all these actions, the people who post the posters have taken a new step by attaching razors to the adhesive of the posters, thus those who try to remove them - get cut.


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