Sheffi Paz Refuses to Appear for Hearings

Following selective enforcement, Sheffi Paz refuses to appear for hearings

The social activist Sheffi Paz and the bereaved mother Merav Hajaj are refusing to participate in the discussions regarding their issue, claiming that protest actions from the left side of the spectrum have never been enforced, and therefore, they demand equality

(Photo: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash 90)

Sheffi Paz, the social activist against infiltration and illegal immigration, and Merav Hajaj, the mother of a deputy commander Shir Hajaj hy"d who was killed in the attack in Armon HaNatziv and is active in the "Choosing Life" forum, refused to attend the discussion this morning regarding their issue in the "Corruption of European Union Offices" case, citing allegations of biased enforcement by the police and the prosecution against right-wing activists.

"One law for left-wing protesters and a completely different law for right-wing activists"

In a letter submitted to the judge this morning by their attorneys Itamar Barkai and Ari Shamai, Hajaj and Paz wrote: "We are amazed week after week at the attitude of the law enforcement system towards violators of law and order as part of the protest against the reform and week after week we are struck by the shocking realization that there is one law for left-wing protesters and a completely different law to anyone who is defined as a right-wing activist.

"From September 2019 to July 2022, we received, together and separately, a series of indictments for vandalism of real estate, conspiracy to vandalize real estate, damage to property, trespassing and behavior that may violate public peace."

Paz and Hajaj further add: "The sections that dealt with defacement of real estate concerned, among other things, the spraying of graffiti in Neve Sha'anan's drug addicts' garden, on an abandoned tin plate on the fence of a drug den, on the door of the European Union offices, on the road in front of the Supreme Court judges' houses And on an Iskoorit in front of the house of Judge Ester Hayut. All requests for protection from justice were rejected."

"To put an end to the despicable crime against law and justice"

"In the meantime, new laws were established in the area. Spraying graffiti is allowed. It is allowed to block roads. Bonfires are allowed on Ayalon. It is allowed to break into the offices. It is allowed to disrupt the movement of trains. It is allowed to block Ben Gurion Airport. It is allowed to have a relationship in public. It is allowed to besiege the Prime Minister's house. It is allowed to persecute elected officials. It is allowed to provide live ammunition to the enemy's propaganda. It is permissible to threaten civil war."

At the end, they wrote: "In light of the blatant injustice, the crime of selective enforcement, and the explicit statement of the legal adviser to the government that 'there is no effective protest without harassment and violation of public order,' we demand the immediate cancellation of pending charges against each of us individually and collectively, to expunge all convictions that have already been handed down, and to put an end to this disgraceful crime against law and justice. Alternatively, to file charges against every left-wing protester detained on the same grounds.

"Until then, we refuse to be part of a miscarriage of justice, and therefore, we will not attend any more discussions in proceedings against us. Not today, and not any other day."

As a reminder, according to the police, in September 2019, slogans were spray-painted at the entrance to the European Union offices in Ramat Gan. Among other things, it was written, "The European Union, get out" and "German money kills Jews."


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