Return to the Stage

Using Artificial Intelligence: King of Rock and Roll Returns to the Stage

47 years after his death, the legendary singer Elvis Presley returns to perform on stage in a new show with the help of holographic artificial intelligence.

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The singer Elvis Presley, who received the title "King of Rock and Roll" and is considered one of the most significant and influential cultural figures of the 20th century, passed away at the age of 42 apparently due to an addiction to sedatives. Now, 47 years after his death, artificial intelligence is resurrecting the king with a new show that includes his famous songs.

The British company Layered Reality, which is responsible for the creation of the special show that will first start in the UK, describes the new show "Elvis Evolution" as a big new show celebrating the biggest star of the stage and screen in the world, Elvis Presley, with a concert that will leave the audience in shock, followed by a party in an Elvis-themed restaurant bar with live music, DJs and performances.

The show will try to recreate for a new generation of fans the impact of seeing Elvis live, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. A life-size Elvis hologram will perform his most iconic songs and moves on stage, and through artificial intelligence and breakthrough technology, you'll be able to see iconic Elvis performances as if you were actually there.


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