Anti-Semitism is on the Rise

Anti-Semitism is on the Rise Worldwide, with an Increase of Thousands of Percent in London

A report from the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs reveals the increase in incidents of anti-Semitism worldwide. In France, a woman was robbed in her home by a food delivery person, and in England, there were numerous incidents on various campuses. Minister Amichai Shikli said, "Anyone expressing support for Hamas or attacking Jews should be prosecuted."

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The anti-Semitism report from the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and the Fight against Anti-Semitism reports a significant increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide.

In London, there has been a 1353% increase in anti-Semitic incidents compared to last year, which is the highest number recorded since documentation began. In France, a 15-year-old of Chechen origin was arrested near a synagogue with a knife, there's a 300% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in Austria compared to the previous year. In Switzerland, 100 anti-Semitic events have occurred since the beginning of the war. Minister Shikli said, "The Western world needs to intensify its pursuit of terrorist supporters in their countries."

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations around the world

Furthermore, the report states that pro-Palestinian protests took place in many cities around the world last weekend. A particularly large demonstration occurred in London, and protests also took place in several cities in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and Australia, among others. Nevertheless, reports from security authorities and Jewish communities worldwide continue to solidify a clear picture of a sharp increase in the scale of anti-Semitic events since the beginning of the war, both in the physical realm and in online networks.

Canada: The Chief of Police in Toronto announced an increase in the volume of hate crime reports since the beginning of the war. The Police Chief stated that the police force will act with vigilance and has increased security around Jewish communities. Meanwhile, the Montreal Police reported receiving 16 hate crime reports since the start of the war, with the majority of them targeting Jews.

Britain: According to a statement from the London Police, in the month of October, 218 anti-Semitic crimes occurred in the city, marking a 1353% increase compared to the previous year.

A total of 533 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded throughout the country, including 19 assaults. This is the highest number for a two-week period since documentation began in 1984. Among all the reports, 296 incidents were documented in Greater London, and 85 in Greater Manchester. Additionally, 45 incidents were recorded on campuses.

The student assistance hotline operated by the Union of Jewish Students in the UK has received 150 calls since the beginning of the war, covering incidents of insults, threats, the dissemination of offensive posters, and even murder threats.

France: A woman was attacked and robbed in her home by a food courier and his friends

France: A 15-year-old of Chechen origin was arrested last Friday near a synagogue in Strasbourg in possession of a knife. During the examination of his phone, evidence of searches for obtaining weapons was found. In another incident in France, a woman ordered food, and when the delivery person realized she was Jewish, he called two of his friends. All three entered her house, assaulted her, stole jewelry and a Rolex watch.

Germany: There has been a significant increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the state of Bavaria since the start of the war. A total of 35 incidents have been documented.

Austria: The Jewish community in Vienna has reported 76 anti-Semitic incidents, marking a 300% increase compared to the same period last year. Prominent targets for anti-Semitic attacks included synagogues, Jewish schools, and Jewish shops.

Switzerland: The Federation of Jewish Communities in Switzerland has reported over 100 anti-Semitic incidents in the country since the start of the war, with 88 incidents in French-speaking areas, including online expressions, and 26 incidents in German-speaking areas, not including online expressions.

"Working with security officials and authorities around the world to ensure the safety of Jews everywhere"

Minister of Diaspora Affairs and the Fight against Anti-Semitism, Amichai Shikli, conveyed, "Our brethren in the Diaspora are unfortunately experiencing violence from supporters of the heinous terrorist acts of Hamas worldwide. It is up to the Western world to intensify its pursuit of terrorist supporters in their countries and bring to justice anyone who expresses support for Hamas or attacks Jews."

The Director-General of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and the Fight against Anti-Semitism, Avi Cohen Scali, added that "the compilation of the anti-Semitism report is part of the ministry's extensive activities to assist Jewish communities in the Diaspora in normal times and emergencies as well. We work with security agencies in various countries, as well as with Jewish communities and authorities worldwide, to ensure the security of Jews everywhere. We are one nation, in Israel and around the world, and I have no doubt that together we will prevail."


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