A Mob Controlled by Intellectual Terror

Tel Aviv has been hijacked by a mob controlled by intellectual terror

Something very bad is happening to Tel Aviv. In the last year, under the guise of legal reform, a handful of Tel Avivites reign in terror over everything that smells Jewish, and for that purpose everything is allowed. And all this in the name of "enlightenment", "liberalism" and "democracy"

(Photo: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash 90)

Something bad is happening in Tel Aviv. My grandfather, Rabbi Nachum Vainshtain, who was one of the city's founders and its first mohel, used to announce the beginning of Shabbat every Friday with a loud call to prayer. Sixty years later, in the same place, a rabbi in Israel is attacked by a mob, not Arabs, but Jews who are unwilling to accept the traditions of their forefathers in this very Israeli space.

The first Hebrew city that proudly waved pluralism on its flag has been abducted by a group of progressives who impose fear on everything that smells of Judaism. I remember once, about two months ago, when I was walking near Bima Square, a cyclist passed by me and spat in my direction. Apparently, the kippah on my head bothered him in the landscape.

Documentation: the attack and calls against Rabbi Yigal (No credit)

"The harsh scenes from last night (Tuesday) prove that there is a new sheriff in town, and it's no longer Ron Huldai, who has maintained his arrogant silence since last night. Perhaps out of fear that it will cost him votes in the upcoming elections, which will go to Meretz led by Meital Lehavi, who recently 'celebrated her victory' not long ago along with Reuven Ladianski on the decision to find an alternative place for the establishment of yeshivat Ma'ale Eliyahu."

The mayor tweeted the other day about the incitement, but make no mistake, he meant Netanyahu, the prime minister of the state of Tel Aviv sorts the citizens of the state, apparently from the cockpit it is hard to see his own hump.

A minority that hijacked the state (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash 90)

"If it were a Reform rabbi?"

These cases are added to the decision of the Tel Aviv municipality not to hold Yom Kippur prayers with a partition in Dizengoff Square, which until recently, just a few kilometers from there, a Muslim congregation was held during Eid al-Adha, with men sitting separately from the women. Their desire to appear humane in the eyes of the world stops when it comes to Jews with a kippah. A secular girl named Noa Kadmon, who opposes the municipality's decision regarding Yom Kippur, tried to explain this about the Muslim congregation yesterday (Tuesday) in one of the studios, but the "Abundance of Light" panel ignored the symmetry that did not take place.

In Yesh Atid's response to Srugim's questioning, they gently condemned the attack. According to their statement: "We are against any act of violence and condemn all forms of violence regardless of who it is directed towards." I wonder what would have happened if it had been a Reform rabbi; in my estimation, all the left-wing shofars would have risen and thrown slogans about harming relations between Israel and American Jews.

Some of them might have even illuminated the Statue of Liberty in demonstrations against apartheid among Jews in order to embarrass Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is currently working for the security of that ungrateful crowd. The cynicism is that the same crowd that attacked Rabbi Yigal carried the flags of Israel, yes, the same symbol that is being carried today in places where Jews with beards were murdered. Irony lives on.

These incidents, along with the past nine months, demonstrate that the protest against the judicial reform is not at the forefront of the minds of some individuals. Instead, it is merely a tool in their hands to prevent the promotion of Judaism in the Holy Land. Attacking a rabbi is seen as a legitimate and perhaps even holy step in their eyes, all in the name of "liberalism," "enlightenment," and "democracy."


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