Why am I Optimistic Despite Everything?

I am optimistic because I see the trail of destruction, evil and nothingness that our enemies have left in the world. I am optimistic because we now see the unity, disillusionment and determination that lies in the people of Israel.

(Photo: Edi Israel/Flash90)

I am optimistic because the Jewish people in history have succeeded in bigger challenges than ours.

I am optimistic because throughout world history, good always prevails in the end.

I am optimistic because it is not possible for evil of the kind standing against us to continue to exist.

I am optimistic because thousands of years of Jewish existence and 150 years of Zionism will not simply come to an end.

I am optimistic because I see the stamp of talents, capabilities, and achievements that the people of Israel have left in the world.

I am optimistic because I see the trail of destruction, evil and nothingness that our enemies have left in the world.

I am optimistic because we now see the unity, disillusionment and determination that lie in the people of Israel.

I am optimistic because Hamas and Hezbollah are at the end of the day terrorist organizations, and the IDF is an excellent regular army.

I am optimistic that the international community and the US are in our favor in this case.

I am optimistic because I believe in God.

The bad will pass. Good will prevail. With God's help.


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