Miriam Adelson Bought A NBA Team

Miriam Adelson, Publisher of Israel Hayom, Bought a Team in the NBA

Miriam Adelson, the mother of Matan Adelson, the owner of Hapoel Jerusalem, joins the best league in the world, when it buys the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA champions in 2011.

Miriam Adelson (Photos: Flash90)

Hapoel Jerusalem B.C. entered a new era eight months ago when it was bought by the billionaire Matan Adelson, son of former Israel Hayom publisher Sheldon Adelson and current publisher Miriam Adelson. Today it is announced that the Adelson family continues to grow in the world of basketball when this time they reach the best league in the world. As mentioned, Miriam Adelson, Sheldon's widow, who is considered the richest Israeli in the world, buys the former NBA champion Dallas Mavericks.

Adelson buys the majority of the team's shares from current owner Mark Cuban, but, leaves to his control the basketball field. As mentioned, the Mavericks won the best league championship in the world in 2011 and today Luka Doncic, one of the best players in the world, is in the team. Adelson will not be the first Israeli in the NBA when Micky Arison owns the Miami Heat, the value of the deal is expected to be 3.5 billion dollars. Miriam Adelson will not only be the second Israeli with a team in the NBA but also the second woman, along with Jeanie Buss, the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. The pro-Palestinian Kyrie Irving, who has spoken out several times against Israel, also plays in the team.

As I recall, last June Matan Adelson completed the deal to purchase the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team. Following the completion of the deal, Adelson owns 90% of the team's shares and the fans' association owns 10%.

To remind you, last March, Adelson stated that the team was purchased out of a great passion for basketball and Israel and out of a belief that he would march the team to the top of Israeli and European basketball.

After the deal was completed, the billionaire and son of the publisher of Israel Hayom said: "I am very excited to become the owner of the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team today. I have an important task ahead of me and I am sure that together with the wonderful fans, the players, the coaches, and the team, we will make the best team in Israel and the face of Israeli basketball in the world."

Adelson added: "I thank Michael Davis, Moshe Greenberg, Eyal Chomsky, Uri Alon, and their team for everything they have done for Hapoel in the last few years and the last few weeks and I hope to continue to see them in the arena in the future."


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