Border Police

ISIS operative nabbed en-route to terrorist attack in Israel

Undercover operatives carried out a precise operation with the help of pinpoint information provided by the Shin Bet.

JFeed Staff | 18.04.24

Israel At War

Report: ISIS-Linked Terrorists Planned Attack in Jerusalem

For the second time within a month, security forces arrested 2 Arab residents of East Jerusalem on suspicion of planning attacks. In a search conducted in their homes, materials for preparing explosives and detonation devices were found. Indictments will be filed against both individuals.

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 22.01.24

Israel At War, Tulkarm Camp

35 Hours of Combat in the Tulkarm Refugee Camp | Watch:

IDF forces conducted a counter-terrorism operation lasting over 35 hours in the Tulkarm refugee camp. So far, at least eight terrorists have been eliminated, 15 suspects apprehended, and dozens of explosive devices destroyed. Watch:

JFeed Staff | 18.01.24

Israel At  War, Jenin

Border Police Fighter Shai Girmai Killed in Action in Jenin

Border Police officer Sgt. Shai Girmai was killed in action in Jenin after her military vehicle was hit by an explosive device. Four other fighters were injured in explosion, including two seriously.

JFeed Staff | 07.01.24

Rose Lubin, hy"d

The Midrasha Girls Visited the Grave of the Fallen Soldier

A month after the death of Rose Lubin, hy"d, in an attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, a memorial ceremony was held in which the students of the Hartman seminary shaped pebbles in her memory: "She protected us among the stones in the Old City of Jerusalem."

| JFeed Staff | 11.12.23

Israel At War

As in Gaza: Terrorists Tried to Hide in a Hospital in Jenin and Were Caught

During the night, an extended operation was carried out by IDF fighters, the Shin Bet and the Border Police in Judea and Samaria. during which many Hamas terrorists were captured, many weapons were located, and terrorists who tried to take shelter in a hospital in Jenin - were arrested.

JFeed | 17.11.23

HOT's Moving Tribute

HOT's Moving Tribute to the Border Police Fighter who was Murdered in the Attack

To her memory and to the memory of all the fallen: HOT Company decided to dedicate the last episode of the series "Border Police" to the memory of the late Rose Lubin who was murdered in the attack in Jerusalem, and to the memory of all the Border Police soldiers who fell in the war.

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 16.11.23

Israel - Hamas War

Among the Terrorists in the Attack: The Son of the Leader of the Hamas Army in Hebron

The Shin Bet published the identity of the terrorists who carried out the shooting attack at the Tunnels Barrier, among them the son of Abdullah Qawasma, the head of the military wing of Hamas in Hebron who was eliminated in 2003.

JFeed | 16.11.23

Documentation Of The Attack 

The Terrorists Opened Fire at the Checkpoint: Documentation of the Attack

Special documentation from the moments of the attack at the Tunnels Barrier by Jerusalem. In the video, you can hear the moments of panic with cries of "Shema Yisrael" among the bus passengers staying near the scene. The assessment: They planned to carry out an attack in Jerusalem.

JFeed | 16.11.23

Israel At War

Terrorists threw an explosive device in Jerusalem and were arrested

Border Guard soldiers arrested tonight a 23-year-old terrorist who threw Molotov cocktails and an explosive device at the Har Gila neighborhood, and another 18-year-old terrorist who threw an explosive device at the Rachel's Tomb complex about a month ago.

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 14.11.23

East Jerusalem: A Molotov Cocktail was Thrown 

East Jerusalem: A terrorist is neutralized after throwing a Molotov cocktail

During a disturbance in East Jerusalem, Border Police fighters neutralized a local resident terrorist after he threw a Molotov cocktail at the fighters

JFeed | 09.10.23

5 Fighters were Injured

5 fighters were injured, 3 of them seriously during an operation in Tulkarm

During a security forces operation, five IDF soldiers were injured, including three in serious condition, after terrorists threw grenades at them. The families of the soldiers have been notified

JFeed | 05.10.23

Tzachi Halevi

Fauda, the reality version: Tzachi Halevi participated in the raid by the Border Police

The beloved actor participated as a reserve volunteer in the raid that was carried out by Border Police fighters and Central District police during the night in the city of Lod as part of the fight against Arab crime

JFeed | 03.10.23

Police Raided Jawarish

The elimination in the south: the police raided the Jawarish neighborhood

Police forces raided the Jawarish neighborhood in the city of Ramla during the night, following the elimination that took place a few hours earlier in Moshav Hatzav in the south

JFeed | 02.10.23

Border Police Arrests

Amidst the alert situation: 367 illegal residents were caught in the activity of the Border Police

During the week, Border Police fighters caught 367 illegal residents and another 90 suspects who helped them. The Border Police stated that the activity was conducted as part of the preparation for the holiday of Sukkot and at the same time operational deployment of the fighters is being carried out in several centers throughout the country

Eliyau Luksenberg, JFeed | 28.09.23

"Exactly What is Expected"

Border Police commander: "Exactly what is expected of our fighters"

A terrorist arrived at the Mizmoriya checkpoint, tried to murder Border Police fighters with a knife and was neutralized by the fighters on the scene. Border Police commander: "It went well, your vigilance is noteworthy"

JFeed | 18.09.23

Stabbing Attack

Stabbing attack in Gush Etzion: the terrorist was neutralized. View the documentation

An Arab terrorist arrived at the Mazmoriya checkpoint and tried to murder the security forces who were manning the checkpoint. He was shot by one of the fighters and neutralized on the spot. Watch the documentation

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 18.09.23

3 Palestinians with a Knife were Arrested

With a kitchen knife: 3 Palestinians were arrested by the perimeter fence

The police arrested three Palestinians without residence permits while trying to break through the perimeter fence into Israeli territory. A kitchen knife was found in the possession of one of the suspects. He was arrested and transferred for further investigation

JFeed | 28.08.23

Demolition Orders in Binyamin

After the lynching: Demolition orders were handed out in the Binyamin Hills

They didn't wait: a few days after the lynching in Binyamin, Border Police forces arrived this morning at A'irah Shachar farm and issued dozens of demolition orders. According to the residents: "We see the results - the persecution of the settlers and the destruction of the settlement"

JFeed | 09.08.23