Gal Gadot

The Hamas Horrors Documentary
The Hamas Horrors Documentary was Screened in Hollywood, the Big Stars were Absent

The IDF spokesman's horror documentary was screened in Los Angeles in front of Hollywood industry executives under heavy security, but the big stars at the forefront were absent. Outside the event, clashes broke out between pro-Palestinian and Israeli demonstrators.

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 09.11.23

The Upcoming Modern 'Snow White'

"Walt Disney is turning over in his grave": the son of the director of 'Snow White' against the innovation

In the upcoming months, a live-action adaptation of the movie 'Snow White' will be hitting the screens, starring Gal Gadot. The son of the original film's director is expressing opposition against the production and its changes, claiming that they have ruined the creation in an attempt to adapt it to the modern world

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, Srugim News | 22.08.23

Gal Gadot Lived Up to the Challenge

The interview that left Gal Gadot speechless

Gal Gadot participated in the American talk show known for challenging interviews and had to eat a lot of spicy food during the interview. Gadot struggled a bit with the task but didn't forget to teach the famous Israeli sentence: "שרה שרה שיר שמח" (Sarah sings a joyful song)"

Itay Zaltzman, Srugim News | 15.08.23