Petah Tikva

Crime, attempted assassination, Petach Tikva
Car explosion injures 2 in Petah Tikva

Police are investigating the incident as a possible assassination attempt which left the car engulfed in flames and two young men injured.

Eliana Fleming | 18.07.24

Crime, Murder attempt

Man tries to murder his wife with an axe in front of his daughters who begged for her life

The Central District Court today sentenced Ayano Takela, a resident of Petah Tikva, to 14 years in prison and compensation of NIS 80,000, who was convicted of the attempted murder of his wife with an axe, in front of their daughters.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 07.07.24

Rocket Barrage

Barrage to Gush Dan, the Shfela and the North

Alarms were sounded throughout Gush Dan, the Shfela and the north, there were no casualties from the barrage to the center of the country, there was minor damage to a car, during the barrage there were two falls into the sea and two interceptions over Netivot.

Simcha Raz, JFeed Staff | 04.12.23

4 Slightly Injured

The Shooting at the Center: 4 Slightly Injured in Rishon LeZion and Petah Tikva

A heavy barrage of rockets was fired into Gush Dan and the Shfela. As a result of the shooting, a building in Rishon Lezion absorbed a direct hit, four people were slightly injured in Rishon LeZion and Petah Tikva.

JFeed | 25.10.23


Petach Tikvah Mayor: This is the Reason for the People Photographing Buildings

According to Mayor Rami Greenberg, the people photographing buildings work for cleaning companies, sending their manager confirmation of their work.

JFeed | 19.10.23

A Motorcyclist was Seriously Injured

A motorcyclist was seriously injured near Rishon LeZion

A 60-year-old man was seriously injured after the motorcycle he was riding was hit by a vehicle near Rishon LeZion. He was taken to the hospital with injuries to his head and limbs. In another accident, a tractor driver was moderately injured in Petah Tikva

JFeed | 26.09.23

Violent Incident In Petah Tikva

The incident of violence in Petah Tikva: 7 suspects arrested

After 4 teenagers who were part of the violent incident in Petah Tikva were arrested tonight, the police announced that seven minors are now being investigated on suspicion of involvement in the incident

JFeed | 12.09.23

Stabbing in Petah Tikva

Stabbing in Petah Tikva: The Israel Security Agency is involved in the investigation, suspicion of a terrorist attack

The stabbing incident that occurred this morning in Petah Tikva is becoming more complex. With the progress of the investigation and the involvement of Israel Security Agency, there is a suspicion that it was a terrorist attack. The 30-year-old man who was injured in the stabbing is still in the hospital in serious condition

Eliyau Luksenberg, Srugim News | 10.08.23