Israel - Gaza War
Watch: The 4th Brigade Raids a Factory for the Production of Mortar Bombs

IDF fighters continue their operational activity deep in the Gaza Strip, documents revealed by an IDF spokesman show fighters conducting firefights, and destroying ammunition, and weapons stockpiles.

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 25.12.23

Weapons of Hamas

Wired Schoolbag: These are the Weapons of Hamas that have been Located

The soldiers of Yahalom (the combat engineering unit of the IDF) located the wired schoolbag carried by Hamas terrorists in the attack against Israel on October 7th, which contained explosive materials weighing 7 kg. Watch the footage.

JFeed | 22.10.23

Weapons Licenses

Since the Beginning of the War: 18,000 Applications for Weapons Licenses

Following the high demand for private firearms, the National Security Ministry has initiated an emergency procedure for issuing quick permits. Within a week, 2,286 firearm licenses were issued, along with equipment for civilian defense preparedness.

JFeed | 16.10.23

The Weapons Transfer

Netanyahu: "There is no limit to fake news, here are the facts"

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the uproar surrounding the reports of the transfer of weapons and vehicles to the Palestinian Authority, and claimed that "what we did was to implement a decision made by Benny Gantz in the Bennett-Lapid government."

JFeed | 13.09.23

1,500 Weapons

1,500 weapons: the extent of the shipment received by the Palestinian Authority has been revealed

With the approval and coordination of the Israeli government: the Palestinian Authority received a shipment of weapons, military vehicles and military equipment from the US. Now the dimensions of the huge shipment and the conditions Israel imposed on the Palestinians are being revealed

JFeed | 13.09.23

Weapons were Confiscated

The IDF destroyed a weapons lathe in Beitunia, weapons were confiscated in the south

Security forces confiscated weapons found in a vehicle in the south. Earlier, during the night, the IDF raided a weapons lathe in Beitunia and arrested the resident of the place, as well as confiscating weapons

JFeed | 31.08.23

An Officer Indicted

Drug trafficking and grenades: an indictment was filed against an officer

An indictment was filed against an IDF officer for crimes of drug trafficking and removing weapons from the military authority. According to the indictment, the suspect received a payment of 100,000 NIS for selling drugs, and seven grenades were found in his home

JFeed | 03.08.23