Hezbollah rocket, victims, North Israel
Son of parents killed by Hezbollah rocket: "Some are worth more and some are worth less"

Matan, the son of Noa and Nir Barnes who tragically lost their lives to a rocket attack in the Golan Heights, expressed frustration over what he perceives as unequal media attention given to different tragedies.

Eliana Fleming | 22.07.24

Road accidents, Tel Aviv, victims

Fatal Accident: 78-Year-Old Pedestrian Killed in Truck Collision

The fatal incident occurred today (Sunday) in the early afternoon on La Guardia Street in Tel Aviv, resulting in the death of a 78-year-old pedestrian after she was struck by the truck causing her critical injuries.

Eliana Fleming | 21.07.24

IDF, Air force, Yemen drone strike, Tel Aviv, victims

The victim killed by the drone strike in Tel Aviv has been named

The name of the person killed in the drone attack this morning in Tel Aviv was allowed to be published. Yevgeni Perder, 50 years old, has died. 8 other people were slightly injured in the attack.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 19.07.24

Crime, Child Murder, Herzliya

Horrific: Mother who murdered her 6 Year-old son was 'aware of her actions' reports find 

The mother has confessed to hacking her son to death with an axe, leading police to believe the murder in Herzliya was planned and that she was aware of her actions. 

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 19.07.24

Terror attack, Injured IDF soldiers, Hermesh

Terror Attack in Hermesh: The Injured are IDF Soldiers on vacation

Two IDF soldiers on leave were lightly and moderately injured as a result of an explosion of an explosive device near the community of Hermesh. Two additional civilians were injured lightly. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 18.07.24

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With a blue ID card: this is the terrorist who carried out today's attack

The car ramming attack at the Nir Zvi intersection near Zrifin was carried out by Muhammad Shahab, a resident of Kfar Akeb in East Jerusalem who holds an Israeli identity card.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 14.07.24

Crime, Murder case, London

3 women killed in horrific London murder last night

A live manhunt is underway for a 26 year old male suspected for triple murder using a crossbow after finding 3 women dead in their home Tuesday night.

Eliana Fleming | 10.07.24

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"ZAKA Volunteers Make Sure that Every Drop of Blood goes to Burial"

Hundreds of ZAKA volunteers are currently working at the massacre sites to clean up the remains of blood and separate them from the other findings of the murdered. They transfer the clean objects to the unit's warehouse to return them to the families of the murdered.

| JFeed | 04.11.23

Identifying the Victims

The Police: We have Identified 74% of the Victims of the Massacre in the Gaza Strip Envelope

The police have informed that so far, the bodies of 765 civilians who were killed in Hamas' terrorist attack on the Gaza periphery have been identified out of approximately 1030 casualties found up to now. The IDF spokesperson updated that the number of captives has risen to 210.

JFeed | 21.10.23

34 Terrorism Victims this Year

In eight months: the largest number of murders since 2014

The three people murdered in the last two days in the shooting attacks in Hawara and Mount Hebron raised the number of people murdered in terrorist attacks to 34, the highest number in a decade. There are still four and a half months left for 2023

Arye Yoeli, Srugim News | 21.08.23