WhatsApp's New Feature

WhatsApp is launching a new feature for your businesses

WhatsApp announced new features for businesses, including an option for payments without leaving the chat. Last week it started using the channels feature

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The messaging app WhatsApp owned by Meta continues to add features. The company announced a series of new features for businesses, including the option for payments for businesses without leaving the chat.

At an event in Mumbai, India, the company announced features that open up a new opportunity for businesses to attract more people to buy their products. For example, it will be possible to choose a seat on the train, order a meal and all this without leaving the application. Additionally, there will be "rich menus and customizable forms." This way businesses can satisfy the needs of the various users. All these features will start coming to cell phones in the coming weeks.

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The purchase will be made using UPI apps, debit and credit cards and more. In addition, businesses will soon be able to apply to be verified. This will help customers know if they are talking to the right business.

Last week the app started using the channels feature. Similar to the existing feature in Telegram, the channels are private broadcasting channels. Organizations, sports teams, artists and opinion leaders can publish their content when they are followed directly within WhatsApp.

According to the message published by WhatsApp on its blog, it will be possible to find channels to follow with automatic filtering according to your country. You can also see which channels are new and which channels are the most active and popular according to the number of followers. There is no option for comments on the channels, but you can add emojis to the content to give feedback.


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